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some acting and back story insights from the voice actors of The Lion King

Maybe its just me who finds entertaining these interviews with some of the voice actors from The Lion King.

I especially found interesting Nathan Lane’s interview about the dark parts of this movie which I always found unnecessary to the story (Disney seems transfixed in its movie stories with killing parents ((Bambi, Nemo, Lion King)).

But the acting stories I think are fun.

james earl jones considers himself a special effect

James Earl Jones didn’t think of himself as a voice actor when he voiced the character of Darth Vadar in the Star Wars movies.

He considered himself special effects…that’s all. Except that because of his voice over performance, Jones WAS Darth Vader in a way now costume or visual effect ever could be.

It seems he made $7,000 for his work on the first movie. Just my opinion but I’m guessing he made ooodles more for the sequels.

the voice actors of toy story 3 in action

Sometimes Hollywood actors get crap from non-Hollywood voice actors (of course not me, because I never give anyone crap) about why they were cast as the voices in an animated film.

Well, the voices in the Toy Story series for me have always made me forget who the “big names” were behind the voices. That’s a compliment – that’s how its supposed to be.

And now, watching them exercise their craft in these two videos from Toy Story 3, you may more fully understand why their performances are so amazingly good.

indie buffalo


If I was better organized I would be able to tell if I had written about this before but to the best my old cranium I haven’t.

While this addresses a topic more closely associated with those in or around Buffalo, NY, it could be worth while to those in other cities because with a little Googling, you might find a group in your area similar to the one I’m about to speak about.

Indie Buffalo is a web site dedicated to everything for the independent film maker in Buffalo and Western New York – casting notices, crew posts, production updates, the whole shootin’ match.

It is hosted by my friends at Full Circle Studios who have the community spirit to support this great idea(disclosure: one of the partners there was a groomsman in my wedding and a former business partner of mine).

So I hope you’ll check it out as a possible resource for yourself or others in your circle of influence. Or like I said, check out a similar resource in your neighbor.