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movember day 25 – vote: stay or go?

Next Friday will mark the end of Movember 2012…thank you to everyone who donated AND there is still time to contribute to the cause which supports testicular and prostate cancer…the boy stuff. Thanks to EVERYONE who has donated thus far. Thank you VERY much!

My donation page is here.

Our team donation page is here.

If you can’t grow one even in these final days, please consider throwing in something, even $1.00 is sincerely appreciated.

But here is the conundrum: I will be in New York next Friday for the FINAL (weep) New York City Voice Over Mixer hosted by Voice Talent Productions and Voxy Ladies (not to be confused with her less accomplished brothers, The Vox Stars).

Tangential aside: have you REGISTERED yet for the Mixer? You cannot get in unless your name is on the list. I hope you will consider coming to the event and please say hello if you see me.

So since the party is on Saturday, December 1st….should I keep the facial hair for the mixer or should I shave it off?!

What say you?

Vote either “shave it” or “keep it” in the comment section below.

The fate of these whiskers may be in your hands…if my wife doesn’t attack me with the beard trimmer first.

the thanksgiving tradition continues….


It has been said: “For those who understand, no answer is necessary. For those who do not understand, no answer will suffice.”

Every year I still enjoy this wonderful piece of TV and I hope you do too. Happy Thanksgiving.

bob taylor’s vo demo safe

One of the my favorite voices on Buffalo radio growing up is now a friend of mine in the voice-over world, Bob Taylor.

Bob’s developed a great voice-over business, as you can imagine with a voice like his, but he has also developed a new voice-over web-site called VO Demo Safe.

As he described it:

Ever wish you could have a way to let clients hear your voice over audio and feel confident that it would be safe and not download before its paid for?

Me too, and that’s why I created VO DEMO SAFE, an easy-to-use website where you can quickly upload your audio, automatically watermark it and even password protect it if you like.

Then you can email a “listen page” url to your client. They can listen, but they can’t download. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Here’s a link to a short video about it as well

So I hope you’ll check it out and contact Bob for all the details.

audio’connell in raleigh or sundays with rowell

I hadn’t really had a chance to catch up with Rowell Gorman since FaffCon so it was really a treat to visit with him at dinner tonight, finding out all the great things that he picked up at FaffCon.

Plus it sounds like his voice-over business is going well, not surprising, given his talent and creativity. He’s also been doing a fair share of audiobook work too.

Most importantly, he didn’t judge me when I ordered the Oreo Cookie Milkshake…the sign of a true friend.

movember 2012 day 17

So it’s Day 17 in the Movember campaign! PLEASE send us some money if you can!

My donation page is here.

Our team donation page is here.

If you can’t grow one, please consider throwing in something, even $1.00 is sincerely appreciated.


show some respect, i’m a voxstar now

So David W. Stone calls me and says he heard from Lisa Biggs who said my application to be a Voxy Lady was denied for “privates” reasons but she would not elaborate. But he said I could be a Vox Star. So I said sure.

While noting the Voxy Ladies and Lisa’s great efforts there are part of the foundation upon which this idea was born (I laugh so hard when I hear people who have underestimated that woman) the VoxStars will evolve into its own identity.

The VoxStars is a collective of professional voice talents (seems to be an all boys club thus far) who are coming together primarily as another marketing vehicle to create awareness for our work as well as use our talents nationally and regionally to support our communities.

As with most everything, I look forward to enjoying the ride.