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Narrating for the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NC-VAN)

“There are legal obligations to assist the criminal, but who is there to help the families of the victims?”

When I was chosen as the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NC-VAN)narrator for the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network recent informational and fund-raising video production, that’s the line in the script that caught my attention.

Who DOES help the families of murder victims? Where IS the support for individuals and families whose lives have been ruined by violent crime?

In my new home state of North Carolina, the answer to those two questions is the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NC-VAN).

The well-produced video is an uncomfortable video to watch at first because none of us like to hear about or watch the suffering of others.

But without NC-VAN, many impacted North Carolina families would be completely adrift in some of the most awful ways one could imagine. NC-VAN gives violent crime victims and their family a kind of anchor, some direction and a bit of hope in an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation.

At the end of the video, it is the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network that asks for the help it so willingly offers others everyday. It is financial help they need. It is financial help they deserve.

If you can help them, I hope you will. Thank you.

national voiceover month video

September is National Voice Over Month

Unfortunately for my pal Dave Courvoisier, he answered the phone last week.

I happened to be on the other end because I had an idea which involved his baby – National Voiceover Month. It struck me that with all the things that went on in the voice over world in September, maybe a video should be created to at least attempt to capture the sense of the month.

That was the entire sum of the idea and Dave was all for it. He helped me gather the pictures and I slapped this puppy together.

My thanks to everyone who provided pictures and my apologies if we somehow omitted your event. No slight was intended.

Voice Over Talents who shared their skills in the videos opening montage include Doug Turkel, Peter K. O’Connell, Mike Coon, Bobbin Beam, Dave Courvoisier, Diane Maggipinto, Stefania Lintonbon, Cira Larkin, Scott Nilsen, Liz de Nesnera and Adam Behr.

Some of the activities included “That’s Voiceover!” in New York City; Faffcon – The Voiceover Unconference held in Portland, OR; Voices of Vision in Toronto, Ontario Canada; Bob Bergen’s Voiceover Workshop held in Chicago, IL; the Marice Tobias Voiceover Workshop held in Las Vegas, NV; Bettye Zoller’s Voiceover Workshop held in Dallas, TX; and the Western New York Voice Over Meet-up held in Buffalo, NY.

faffcon promotional video is on the air

OK, so sometimes I forget to hit the edit switch when I come up with an idea that’s going to take a lot of time and effort to put together (effort I got, time not so much). Such was the case when Amy Snively of voice over fame and Faffcon lead sled dog said she needed help and ideas to promote Faffcon.

Well though it took longer than it should have the promo video for the event is done and it is great fun as well as informative only because of the following very talented reasons:

Philip Banks
Mandy Nelson
Todd Ellis
Bruce Miles
Pam Tierney
Dave Courvoisier
Roger Tremaine
Bob Souer

They are my peers and my friends and this video (and this conference) would be a whole lot of nothing with out them.

I am grateful for each of you.

congrats to kenny mosher, ud class of ’08

Kenny Mosher of Showdown Visual

I’ve not met nor worked with Kenny Mosher who owns Showdown Visual in Dayton, OH.

But he’s a University of Dayton graduate (2008) who, an alumni association email informed me, produced a video for the Downtown Dayton plan.

I haven’t been to Downtown Dayton since I think 1993 or 1994 and it didn’t look terribly different from when I left there after graduation in 1986. Obviously things evolve (hopefully not devolve) but I certainly hadn’t kept up with what’s going on there.

If this plan comes together, based on this video and what it shows already, the Downtown area could be totally cool.

I have seen and produced many videos in my time, this one is truly terrific with special kudos to the performances of the citizens – who the more I think about it are not actors but more likely civic leaders. They really sold the thing.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Downtown Dayton Plan from Kenny Mosher on Vimeo.

multiple choice…

The above picture shows…

A) Part of the United States’ new surface to air defense system

B) The spawn of the robot in the 1986 movie “Short Circuit”

C) Pamela Anderson’s home movie camera

Please no looking at others student’s answers.


voice talent michael minetree is nuts

Male Voice Talent Michael Minetree

Look, to go through the headache of creating a really nice, well thought-out on-line voice over web directory seems overzealous, generous and a bit crazy to me. Pictures, demos, links – too much work for a lazy guy like me.

But not Michael Minetree.

It seems in addition to his MineWurx Studio, Michael likes to create projects for himself. He created a very enjoyable to watch (maybe less enjoyable to build) video chronicle of the construction of his new voice over booth (a link to one of the many videos created on that project can be found here).

Then he decided to create this voice over directory (I’m in there somewhere under the category of short, fat voice talent – sadly, it’s not an exclusively listing ;).

Now he’s also created a “Voices with ISDN” web directory, listing all voice talents who have ISDN numbers.

And there is more to come.

While maybe not wholly altruistic (we are all business people here) these are all extremely generous efforts by Michael to help promote an industry that is fortunate to have him as a practitioner.