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airline credit cards test loyalty


Between Bob Souer and me, U.S. air carriers pretty much need to bow down and kiss our feet as we have single-handedly kept them in business by buying their airplane tickets.

While I can’t speak for Bob (although I just did but he won’t know it cause he doesn’t read this blog 😉 I have a frequent flyer number with almost every airline (though U.S. Airways and United get the majority of my business based only on routes).

The upside of that is I build up miles that someday I’ll have the time to use (I’m in baby/toddler netherworld right now so time is both precious and a grey area at the same time). The downside is that each of these airlines thinks I need to have their credit card.

And they remind me every month. Today, these three envelopes arrived about 15 minutes ago. More junk mail.

The airlines need additional streams of revenue and likely in the fine print of my frequent flyer sign up I gave them the right to snail-mail spam me but these idiots are wasting money even if a third party banking outfit is likely paying the tab.

Their brand is tainted by all this crap and if it were even possible, as their paying customer I have less respect for them than ever before.

Do you get a lot of airline junk mail too? Or other crazy junk mail associated with something you’re a part of or a member of? What have you done about it?

“thanks for that on-the-spot report, les!”


It is a joyous Thanksgiving tradition within this company more sacred than almost any other. I hope it gives you the pleasure to watch that it gives us.

Please say a prayer for those traveling and those away from home (fighting on our behalf) or without a home on this or any day. We’re lucky and we know it but sometimes we don’t know it.

Happy Thanksgiving – click away to the tradition here.

pick the new logo



Many folks remember the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on products. What you might not know is that it still exists.

To combat that “little” marketing problem, they’ve redesigned their logo. They’ve freshened the brand.

Please vote for the logo you think is the new logo. (Now of course if you know the answer, don’t ruin it for everyone else, by spilling the beans…just vote).

Is it obvious? Am I playing a trick on you? Cast your vote for fun and in a few days we’ll review.

audio’connell in Charlotte again

audio\'connell in Charlotte

My “friends” at US Airways lost my luggage making my trip a bit more inconvenient than it needed to be (although to be fair the ground staff at US Airways GSP- who had to deal with the outcome caused by the baggage dolts’ who did the losing of the bag – were nice, especially Chad). But the trip has otherwise been terrific including a nice dinner Wednesday in North Carolina with my friend and the man beloved by all voice talents Bob Souer, who brought along his very bright and charming son.

He and I plotted our individual world tour travels to personally meet every voice talent in the world, lull them into a state of complacency and then steal all their voice work. Bwahahahaha! (That, by the way, is the correct spelling for “evil laugh”).

Of course I’m kidding but he and I have been able to meet so many of our fellow VO’s over the past few years, we both feel very fortunate.

While we could have spoke for hours, Bob had some narrations to do and I had luggage to find but we’ll get together for a late lunch today before heading home. Another successful trip.

speed up your start up


I am such a computer dolt that I firmly believe that when God created the computer repair man He used a picture of me as the ideal cash cow, er, customer in the training.

But because as I get older I not only realize how much I don’t know but also how many of my peers are also faking it, I am more willing to share my shortcomings. That’s because I’m pretty sure you’re a dolt as well but you just hide it better.

With all this in mind, I share with you an article from the Lifehacker blog that helps provide you will simple steps to cut down on the time it takes for your computer to boot up.

At one time I think I knew some of this stuff but I know between kids and work this stuff just seeped out of my ears.

For a few of you, this info will be way too rudimentary. But for most of us, enjoy the speedier start to you day.

a friend has died

NBC News Announcer Howard Reig & Anchor Tom Brokaw_CourtesyNBC

I never met Howard Reig, the former announcer for NBC and specifically NBC Nightly News but his great service and the retirement of his voice was well covered on these pages. And as a fellow voice talent, I consider him a friend of sorts.

So it is with a heavy heart that I note the passing of my friend Howard at age 87 at his home in Venice Florida.

I’ve noted before how difficult it was to replace him as an announcer and I am sure that same sentiment is now felt by his family, magnified to infinity. I am so sorry for their loss.

NBC News’ Brett Holey wrote this tribute to Howard in 2007 and it is wonderful. Here is a wonderful tribute site Howard’s son created for his Father.

Requiescant in Pax, sir. I was a fan.