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requiescat in pace jack rang

Jack C. Rang, September 27, 1923 – February 7, 2011

I had not spoken to Jack Rang since I graduated from the University of Dayton in 1986 and possibly before that. So when I read today in the school’s quarterly magazine that Jack had died on February 7th at the age of 87, I felt a bit idiotic.

My world was all about radio when I was at UD, specifically WVUD. I got on the air there in my freshman year with a regular, professional weekday gig at this FM station serving three states and I never looked back. I didn’t know how professional voice over would take over my radio passion at the time, although the seeds of joyous commercial production were being sewn then.

While I was at school, Jack Rang, who at one time was the GM at WVUD, was one of my broadcast teachers. He was a nice man and a wonderful voice talent. Jack had a rich, low voice that spoke of another era in broadcasting (maybe a better one). He taught a broadcast performance class to communication majors that in most instances had to be (for Jack) like listening to nails on a chalk board every school day.

Thinking back though, it wasn’t just about broadcast performance, it was about script interpretation, proper breathing, acting,  all the things I do today and speak with my fellow voice over talents about when they sign up for my Voice Over Workshop.

Thus Jack was really my first voice over teacher. And I never kept in touch. I didn’t reach out to him, say hi, ask how things were going, etc. I didn’t so much as reflect or give a moment’s thought to him and how he impacted my career.

Until I read his obituary.

True, I doubt he gave me a second thought among the thousands of people he taught, which is fine. But the shame is on me for not once in those 25+ years offering even a voice mail or an email with a quick thank you. It was the least I could have done and I didn’t do it.

My point here today is not merely to let you enjoy my self-flaggration and internal conflict. I hope it will more importantly give you pause in your day to consider a few of those folks to whom you owe a long delayed thank you. And then just do it.

Hi Jack,

You may be busy at the moment but along with this public apology I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your efforts as my teacher. You made a positive difference in my career. Thank you.

Best always,
– Peter

now even the news anchors are doing cartoon voices


As if being a voice actor weren’t tough enough, what with every goofus with an iphone calling himself a voice talent, now comes an animated special from “30Rock” where only celeb VO’s need apply.

audio’connell in greenville, sc

Voice Talents Peter K. O'Connell, Lisa Biggs & Diane Merritt

As people tell me all the time “you spend a lot of time in airports”.

That’s true but one of the benefits (besides making money on these trips) is the opportunity to visit with voice over friends old and new in the cities I travel to.

Some cities, like Sioux Falls, SD and Des Moines, IA have, like, no voice talents living there (or they’re hiding from me, which is understandable).

So either Diane Merritt and Lisa Biggs are lousy hiders or they didn’t have caller ID on their phones because we got to hang out together on my trip to beautiful Greenville, SC.

Diane (whose voice you may hear on a Colgate commercial airing across the country on CNBC among other channels) is originally from Buffalo, NY but ran screaming….’er, moved down south and lives in Greenville with her family. Her studio is wonderful, fully matching her voice over talent.

Lisa whose amazingly youthful and profitable voice recently was requested to be auditioned for a developing Snow White project (thinking good thoughts for the outcome there), came to Greenville from L.A. (she still occasionally commutes, doing VO work out there as well as in Greenville). She’s getting married soon to the very dreamy Robert (actually, I’ve never met Robert, so I cannot attest to his dreaminess).

Anyway, they were both very gracious to spend their lunch time with me and I am very appreciative for their friendship. Thank you both.

sound advice has a new home

My friend Dan Friedman, he of ProComm and Faffcon fame, pinged me to let me know that his SOUNDADVICEVO and SOUNDADVICE – Voiceover have been rebranded to SOUND4VO complete with a new address: http://sound4vo.com/

Lots of valuable information can be found be reading Dan’s book and blog so stay tuned or get subscribed!

this is just funny

I don’t watch a ton of TV but Mrs. audio’connell and I were watching were watching tonight and saw this and I am still laughing.

tobias in toronto

I’m a little late catching up to emails but I see now that Marice Tobias is doing a workshop in Toronto on April 30th and May 1st 2011.

This one is on Commercial, Narration, and Promo…not sure what studio but there are plenty of nice ones in TO.

I think this is similar to the one I took in Atlanta a few years ago. If you have a chance to go to Marice’s seminar, you will not regret it.

If you need a referral, check with me.