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apply for the brad venable voiceover scholarship

Brad Venable Voiceover Scholarship audio'connell blogThe noise that surrounds the voiceover industry…from drama with pay to plays, to an endless list of conferences to social media groups to various associations and awards programs is a bit overwhelming. It feel sometimes like the “business of voiceover” has evolved into the “business of the business of being in voiceover”.

Rightly or wrongly, I try and stay away from the noise because for me, it doesn’t add much to my business…but that’s me, your mileage may vary.

What I came across recently was something that actually brought a smile to my face as it seems to be focused on actually helping new voice talents (as opposed to just trying to sell them something).

SOVAS, the group that has produced the That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo and Voice Arts Awards since about 2013 have joined with a fairly new VO association group called NAVA (National Association of Voice Actors) to create a new voiceover scholarship.

Despite its lengthy title, The NAVA Brad Venable Scholarship in Partnership with SOVAS promises its award will ensure that the recipient receives credible, effective, and relevant training that will further their opportunities for success as voice actors.

Brad Venable and Peter K. O'ConnellOf course, what caught my attention was the fact that it is named after everyone’s friend, voice actor Brad Venable, whose untimely death a few years ago stole this wonderful person from his family, friends and the voiceover industry.

What caught my attention was Brad’s name AND the word scholarship…it took me back to Faffcon when I got to call Brad about winning a scholarship to FaffCon…he won the Fauxditions (unofficial casting call) for The Price Is Right and got to go to FaffCon 2 as the prize! He was also part of MVO and did the Movember fundraiser with us too. Then, early VO Atlantas…the list goes one.

Many more memories brought back happy times while thinking about Brad.

I think Brad would be tickled about this scholarship. He loved helping others, as he had been helped.

So if you’re new to VO and you may need a leg up, check out THIS LINK, get all the details and register if it suits you.

Brad would welcome you with open arms.

here are the faux-ditions for late show with stephen colbert


Here is where you can LISTEN to the Faux-ditions for “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. For the details on this completely fun event, check out this blog post. Entries are posted in the order in which they are received. Good luck to all and thanks for participating.








faux-auditions now open for the late show with stephen colbert


So many folks over the years have asked me “when are you going to have a new unofficial audition?”

Well today’s the day! Ladies and gentleman you are all invited to submit your faux-dition!

For those who don’t know, the unofficial audition (or faux-dition) allows voice talents the opportunity to create a fake “audition” for a high profile (and non-existent) job opening. In other words…it’s all for fun and not for a real job. Here’s the unofficial auditions we did about 4 years ago for “The Price is Right”.

My choice for which show to NOT audition for was an easy one for me.

When the new “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” debuted, the show did not (and as of yet still does not) use a live announcer as David Letterman did and as Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon do.

Colbert himself read the pre-recorded intro in the first shows. This of course got me thinking about a possible new Faux-dition at the time. In more recent episodes, it sounds as if they have a regular announcer doing a pre-recorded intro over show titles.

I can’t give the fellow any credit here with a shout-out because there seems to be no credit given to him on any web site. But, rest assured, he does does a perfectly satisfactory job. This faux-dition should not be seen as an indictment of him but rather just a way for the rest of us to have some harmless and unprofitable fun.

As always this event is for fun (“this is not a competition, just an exhibition; please, no wagering”.) No one…but NO ONE who enters this phony audition event is in line for the announcing job on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert ” and no way is ANYONE associated with “Late Show with Stephen Colbert ” endorsing, condoning or otherwise support this announcing fantasy. They also own all the copyrights to name, music and everything else to do with the show. I make no money on this but merely am promoting one of the coolest VO jobs in our world. Let’s all dream a little together.

I’ll grab 3 judges and we’ll whittle all the contestants down to 3 top finishers.

You as the participating voice over talent are responsible for the mixing and audio quality (which has been a factor in past judging and voting); your audition needs to sound broadcast ready which means the mix should sound as great as your voice. If you want to be a pro you gotta sound like a pro…completely.

Here’s my demo (just as an example – I’m not saying it’s good enough for broadcast but it is broadcast ready). Perform the announce in whatever way you think would be most likely accepted by “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” producers if they were auditioning you as a new announcer (which, as far as I know, they are not).


We discussed cars and even a new home for the winner but decided on something more impressive

FIRST PRIZE: A set of 4 dishwasher safe audio’connell plastic cups

SECOND PRIZE: A set of 1 dishwasher safe audio’connell plastic cups

THIRD PRIZE: 1 dishwasher safe audio’connell plastic cup

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

Remember – although it is not – treat this like a real audition. Give us your best performance.

* Download the script in PDF form HERE. Please note the timing notes on the script which you should try and follow as it matches the show’s timing with the opening credits.

* As a reference, here’s a LINK to the show. The credits start at about the 6:32 mark and yes, the band seems to perform a faster paced theme in the live show (oh well)

* HERE is your music bed (right click on the link and click “Save Link As” to save it to your computer

Do NOT deviate from this bed, do not create your own and do not substitute another version of music. There will be a lot of entries and the judges can’t listen to auditions of varying lengths because you think you can produce a better bed.

* Note if you like that the new announcer the Colbert Show is using is not your classic, bravado, big voice announcer — you might want to take that into account in your read (but as always, do it ANY way you want)

* Email your audition to peter at audioconnell dot com; MP3 file only 44.1/16 mono is fine

* Name your file: YOURLASTNAME_UnofficialLSWSC_Audition

* I’ll accept auditions until January 1, 2016 and then sometime after that, we’ll announce the winners

the winner of the 2011 unofficial casting call for the price is right is…..


Congratulations to all the nominees, thank you to all the voters and sponsors….and good luck on that car battery, Brad!

See you at Faffcon 2 in Atlanta!

voting is under way for the 2011 unofficial casting call

UPDATE: 1/23/11 5:00 p.m. ET – The voting is now CLOSED.

As decided by our international judging panel, here are the FIVE final nominees for the 2011 Unofficial Casting Call for The Price Is Right (in alphabetical order):

[audio:http://www.audioconnell.com/clientuploads/mp3/110103_TPIR_Auditions/BURNS_Unofficial_TPIR_Audition REVISED.mp3]




[audio:http://www.audioconnell.com/clientuploads/mp3/110103_TPIR_Auditions/WEEKS_Unofficial_TPIR_Audition .mp3]

The WINNER will receive one free registration to Faffcon 2 Electric Boogaloo – The Voiceover Unconference, taking place in Atlanta, GA from February 25-27, 2011.

This donated prize includes:
* Registration for the Faffcon 2 Conference ($199.00 value)
* A Complimentary Faffcon 2 T-Shirt ($20.00 value)
* A Private Studio Tour of CNN with your fellow Faffers on Friday, February 25, 2011
* A Complimentary Dinner Dinner at Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill and Brewery, including tax and tip (beverages not included)
* A one year FREE membership to VoiceTweet! ($75 value)

The winner (who must be 18 years of age or older as of today’s date) is responsible for ALL other expenses involved in their participation in Faffcon 2 including but not limited to travel, lodging, taxes and bail money – in case you enjoy yourself too much in Atlanta. The winner assumes all liability upon acceptance and execution of this prize and agrees to hold harmless the blog owner, the sponsors, Faffcon or anybody else associated with this Fauxdition or event.

This prize is sponsored by: Bob Souer, Liz de Nesnera, Dave Courvoisier, Diane Maggipinto, Melissa Exelberth, Trish Basanyi, Natalie Stanfield Thomas, Amy Snively, Pam Tierney & Todd Ellis.

* Please vote using the comment section on the voxmarketising blog ONLY (votes on posts made via social media aggregates will not count)
* Please rank your top three choices by labeling them 1, 2 & 3
* If you vote for only one person OR if you vote for the same person three times, your vote will be disqualified
* Each person may only vote once – you are on the honor system
* The blog owner will tabulate the votes according to his scoring system
* The winner with the most votes by the close of voting on January 23, 2011 at 17:00 hrs ET will be announced on this blog
* The decision of the blog owner is final in all conflicts regarding this vote




Thank you.

fauxdition entries are CLOSED – judges are now in seclusion

Any moment now, the top secret international judging panel for the Unofficial Announcer Auditions for The Price Is Right will announce their top 5 finalists among all the entries.

When they are announced, you’ll get to VOTE for your favorite.

But be QUICK, the voting will close on SUNDAY, JANUARY 23, 2011 at 17:00 HRS ET.

The winner, who will receive a registration to Faffcon 2 in Atlanta, will be announced HERE shortly after that.

Stay tuned for the finalists!!!!!!