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vox stars support the 12 days of voxmas

In case you were worried that you may have offended the voice-over person in your life by not wishing them a ‘Merry Voxmas’, fear not, that’s not what you did that offended them. Going to Fiver and hiring a squeaky voiced teenager to narrated your corporate video was what offended them.

The 12 Days of Voxmas is a made up thing to help raise money for the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. A bunch of LA voice talents (and some not in LA I believe) made a CD and the proceeds from the sale benefit the hospital.

The Voxy Ladies of which I am not one created a raffle that will allow you win prizes if you enter your receipt from the purchase of the CD into their raffle.

The VoxStars of which I am one is supporting the 12 Days of Voxmas by contributing a microphone.

So buy the CD and get a chance to win either a microphone or other cool stuff.