dave fleet’s five social media tools


When I read this blog post from Dave Fleet up in Toronto I thought to myself, I wish we could corral all the top 5 social media tools lists that are out there so we could see if there was some consensus on which ones were best (this week…ha!). Or even better, if there were some hidden tools that I hadn’t yet heard about. My guess is that list is out there somewhere but I am not feeling that motivated to go on the hunt for it. You do it and report back 🙂

If you use the tools of Social Media in your daily routine as I do, I think you’ll like this list. Some of the tools I have used and some I am toying with (some quite frankly I don’t immediately understand which is why I will always fall under the category of Social Media “active user” as opposed to “expert”).

I have met Dave and find him to be a very straight up guy whose professional opinions I trust. If you don’t subscribe to his blog, well that’s your problem 😉

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