link love (aka longest blog post ever)


A gentleman who I’ve met a couple of times at podcamps (Toronto/Boston) named Christopher Penn did a very kind and unexpected thing a few months ago.

As a way to say thank you for everyone who supported his blog and podcast, he posted a list with links (where possible) of every person who left a comment. How brilliant for what poster shouldn’t be made to feel appreciated (well, maybe the 3,000 spammers whom I’ve filtered out but everyone else is great).

Well its taken a little time (600+ comments) and some of the records have been lost but most everybody who has visited and left a comment on voxmarketising – the audio’connell blog and podcast will be on the following list. If you’ve been here before, you’re probably on the list.

If you didn’t leave a web site, I at least included your name. If you have an updated web site since your last post here, let me know.

To my brief visitors, I hope you’ll subscribe and come back more often. To my subscribers, I cannot thank you enough and I hope to continue to provide content on voiceover, marketing and advertising (in blog and podcast form) the you find both informative and entertaining.

Thank you all for enjoying the ride with me.

And don’t for get to say hi!

Liz de Nesnera

James Lorenz

Bill Elder

Elaine Singer

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Dave Courvoisier

rowell gormon

Alex O’Neal

Mary Serra

Bobbin Beam

Ben Sandifer

Jennifer Dowdell



Karen Lehman

Lee Gordon om

Lucas Nugent

Bryan Cox

Dave DeAndrea

Connie Terwilliger

Doc Phillips

Bettye Zoller

Ray Fisher

September Day Leach

Scott Paxton

Greg Littlefield

Erik Sheppard

Roger Tremaine

Larry White

Dina Monaco-Boland

Mark Andrews

Allison Scussel

John Weeks

Chris Fadala

Melba Sibrel

Bob Souer


Sean McGaughey

Scott Monty

Doug Turkel

Mary McKitrick

Donna Papacosta

Jeffrey Kafer

Ralph Hass

Dave Fleet

Bruce Miles

Al Gritzmacher

Brian in Charlotte


Dave Christi

Drew Hadwal

Greg Phelps

Mike Cain

Frank Frederick

Lynn Newton


Connie Michener




J Richards

Kim Hall



Marti Krane

Jeff Gelder

Kirsten Conover

Doug Collins

Jaide Yim

diane maggipinto

R Baba

Kevin Heaton

Ron Harper


Christina Sanges

Sloan Garrett

Stan Schuler

Marilyn Schuler

B.T. Westfall

GT Winslow

Darren McCormick


John Demers

Dave Goldberg

Marco Alvarez

Jim Sutton

J. E. Wells

L. F. Chaney

Denise Basore


Shannon Kelly

Beverly Bremers

Joey Tack

Sheryl Beckwith

Steve Dubbz

Judy Jensen

Christy Felton


david goodman

Rob Actis

Gail Wood

Mike Fendt


Nancy Held Loucas

Sharon Feingold

Paul Anderson

Keith Miles

Carl Perez

Geri Mars

Ryan Eanes

Nisha M


Lynne Ferguson

Jenni B.

Larry Jensen

Blake Lawrence

Dave North






Chike Chukwuma

Dave Elvin


Dan Schweitzer

Roy Yokelson

Jessica Butler

Marilyn Gerber

Allen Brown

Zeke from CT

Robert Jadah

Colin Campbell

Linda, Live from Las Vegas

Piera Coppola

Bill Butler

Ann Heitman

Daniel Wright

David L. Jones


Bonnie Hockman

Richard Willis


Kim Lehman

Denise Stevenson

Bob O’Connor

Emma Miles

Marie Van Engelen

Benita whitaker


Jayna Wallach


Dylan Guptill

DeWitt Hardy

Deirdre B.

Johannah Olsher

Dave Hall



Susan Crippin

Jim Woster

Craig Koepke

Allen Scofield

Rich Brennan

Bobbi Owens


Melissa Exelberth

Nelson Goforth

Bobbie West

Jack Bair

Craig Park

Art Hadley

Caryn Clark

Jon Blaque

Bob Boving

Philip Ives

Johnny George

Amy Taylor


Justin Barrett

David Houston

Dean Jones

Haneen Arafat

Brian Forrester

David Scott

cc petersen

Cameron Thomas

Julie Williams


Nelson Jewell

Cowboy Dave

Christine Pisano

Philip Banks

Tom Ackerman

Dave DeHart

Todd Ellis

Tim McLaughlin

Chris Eder

Miguel Alvarez


Greg Littlefield

Voice Over Man

Craig C Chapman

Mitch Joel

Saul Colt

Dave Forde

Eden Spodek



Linda Cappellano-Sar

David Bourgeois

Karen Commins

Janet Green

Kevin Baggs

Louis Trahan

17 Responses to “link love (aka longest blog post ever)”

  1. Wow!

    Very cool of you to put it together. Glad I was a recent responder. 🙂

    Great way to send a little traffic out to others.

  2. Hi James:

    I’m glad you’re a subscriber too!

    Best always,

    – Peter

  3. Awwwww Peter!
    Thanks! What a great thing to do!
    You KNOW I luv ya!



  4. Very generous of you, Peter. I know this is a time-consuming activity, but it just goes to show how much you appreciate what your community does for you.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA gentleman who I’ve met a couple of times at podcamps (Toronto/Boston) named Christopher Penn did a very kind and unexpected thing a few months ago. As a way to say thank you for everyone who supported his blog and podcast, … […]

  6. Hi Liz:

    You’ve made my day. Thanks.

    Hi Scott:

    Great to hear from you again. The effort’s worth it to bring folks like you back to this space. Thanks for your kind words.

    Best always,

  7. Peter,

    Further proof that you’re a class act! Thanks for spreadin’ a lil’ link love.

  8. Wow! Thanks, Peter. This is the only time in my life I’ve ever been near the top of any list, anywhere.

  9. Doug:

    You’re very welcome!


    That’s stuff and nonsense! Your a top VO, without question!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  10. Holy Cow Peter!

    That’s a lot of links you got there.
    I saw I was getting hits from you, so I thought I’d drop on by to say thanks, but now I’m mad at you.

    It’ll take WAY TOO much of my life to go through all these links…

  11. Oh SAG,

    No need to be mad, pace yourself, do only a certain number of links in a day, make it a gift to yourself.

    You’re always welcome here.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  12. Thank You for the links. Every little bit helps every little bit.

    Scott Paxton

  13. Scott:

    No problem, glad to help.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  14. Wow…. I’m late again to another party!

    Thanks so much… I had no idea this was here!
    What a sweetheart!!!

  15. Dina:

    you are always welcome here.

    best always


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