senators felled by sabres

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Buffalo in 6

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  1. Well, looks like it’ll have to be Buffalo in 7. Hopefully they can dig deep enough to resurrect the team that won 4-or-more in a row 4 times during the regular season and once in the playoffs, and in so doing exorcise the spell that the mirror image doppelganger Ottawa Senators have cast upon our beloved team.

    Hey, the Bulls are doing it!

  2. Hey Craig-

    Thanks for stopping by….the game is on now and I haven’t the guts to watch. Actually Sabres won a lot of games without me watching so maybe its a good thing that I’m at the computer.

    For those of you who don’t know, Craig owns Rare Earth Interactive Design ( which is my hosting and design company…the patient people who take may ideas and turn them into reality on the net (although we’re not sure if the net is real….we’re awaiting the labs results).

    Anyway watch their web site in the coming days for some interesting content….that’s all I’ll say!

    Best always-

  3. Peter,

    Just caught the final Sens VS Buffalo game – hope you are okay!


  4. […] my prediction for the series fell well short, I was heartened by the kind comment from Stephanie Ciccarelli of […]

  5. Stephanie:

    You are awfully sweet to check on me and yes I am fine…disappointed by the Sabres poor performance against Ottawa but I’ve been through these heartbreaks before with Buffalo.

    Sadly, against Ottawa, the Sabres got soundly trounced.

    Best always,

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