the voiceover paparazzi has found me again!

The voiceover paparazzi have indeed found me again. 😉

Granted these V.O. paps are much smaller, less aggressive and so stealth as to be almost non-existent, but they exist.

They write newspaper articles, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and more all about voiceover talents. Evidently, I was next up in the latest news cycle and I was glad to oblige.

My friend and fellow voice talent Christi Bowen kindly shared my name after she had been interviewed by a company called Canvas Rebel Magazine, a publication that writes articles and profiles on small business owners, artists and creatives in our communities who Canvas Rebel believes are brilliant and deserve more coverage, more platforms and more opportunities to share their stories and insights.

Canvas Rebel with Peter K. O'Connell Voice Actor

Working with their writing and production team, they created a very nice profile that helped give people a little more insight into my industry and my professional journey.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read the post and the many other posts from Canvas Rebel HERE.


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