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6,000 Posts in 17 years on Twitter or X or Whatever

There is no way for me to justify my 6,000 tweet – which I am sure is just as meaningless as the 1st tweet was 17 years ago. And yet when I was updating my profile today — there it was: 6,000 posts.

I can’t say that anything I’ve offered on the platform was terribly worthwhile and (aside from catching a few breaking news stories) I’ve not read that much that was interesting (but it helped pass the time).

What this…I don’t what you call 6,000 tweets…a signpost? A waste of time and effort?

What this “thing” did remind me of was when I first really focused on Twitter.

My recollection was I was at Podcamp Toronto in 2007 – social media was kinda just coming into it’s own and Twitter was barely a year old. But there were a couple of thought leaders who I heard in the hallways of the Podcamp chatting about Twitter.

I think within a month I had set up my account — having NO idea what I was supposed to say or do with it (much like the rest of the world then AND now.

X TwitterAnd I think it can only be my 17 year longevity on Twitter or X that explains how I have over 3,800 followers. At one point I had 4,000 followers but I must have said something that pissed some-200 -bodies off and that 3,800 count is where my follower count has been for a while.

If you are a follower, thanks. If you want to be a follower, thanks. If you don’t want to follow me, thanks.

There is a Science to social media and I was more of an English and History guy myself.

Let’s try not to take ourselves too seriously out that. Thanks.