and the nominees are….


UPDATE: As of 12/27/07, the nominations/auditions are now CLOSED! Thanks everyone…join us in the voting here.

As you’ll recall, I put out an unofficial open casting call for auditions (that link is also where you can find the Nightly News theme music)for the announcer position on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

To following are the submitted audition (in the order they were received) for your listening pleasure. Thanks everyone for participating.


12/27/07 – THE AUDITIONS/NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you all. Look for our voting post HERE!

1/12/08 – THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED. Please check out the top 3 HERE

31 Responses to “and the nominees are….”

  1. […] looking for a replacement, this is a fun exercise that a good number of us have participated in. Check out our “auditions” at Here. I’ve pasted mine […]

  2. Wow.
    So many people here are screamingly superior to their Slice of Star.

    It’s just grand.

  3. Y’all sound GREAT!

  4. Peter,

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

    You are always coming up with something! Let me see what else I can do.



  5. “Oh what fun it is to ride on an open casting call!”

    Great job everyone!

    DB…I await YOUR submission as well!

    Merry Christmas,
    – Peter

  6. […] a link to listen the NBC announcer auditions thus far submitted. They’re quite […]

  7. The competition is fierce; the pressure is intense; the talent level is in the stratosphere.

    lol…so I guess we can expect a decision (if any) in…ohhhh about 6 mos or so? lol

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

  8. Peter,

    Great idea. It was amazing to listen. I really like a lot of the female reads (and DB… I’m awaiting yours also).


  9. Rich, you did you sounded great !! keep up the good work. I will keep my fingers crossed.


  10. Rich –

    I think you’ll be able to get a decision on why the chicken crossed the road faster than anybody here getting a new job with NBC, but everyone’s efforts are still great!

    Dave- I agree, the female reads are indeed impressive and it would make a very interesting statement if one of the national nightly newcasts went with a female announcer.

    And Rich – I think you’ve got a groupie. Glad I could help.

    Best always,

    – Peter

  11. I believe I have found the solution we all desire.

    Each week for the following year – a new introduction voice for Nightly News and Anderson Coopers 360 – all from these incredibly talented artists who have posted here of course…

    I know, I should never assume “the suits” are actually going to do anything intelligent.


    Frank Frederick
    “The Voice” tm

  12. Frank Fredrick is without a doubt the man for the job. He has the voice & the correct delivery.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  13. Dave:

    I’ll advise the network of your decision.

    Frank you owe Dave $50

    Best always,

    – Peter

  14. Indeed a wonderful collection of talent. Now, how do I put my hat into the ring? Personally, NBC should use a collective approach to introducing the news. And have its listeners, rate the talent, which will add a viewer participation aspect to the news, and also serve as a way for NBC to measure its impact on the viewers, by, allowing them to be interactive with them!

  15. […] audio’connell has become rather disappointed with Michael Douglas as the new voice of the NBC Nightly News. Their solution for this is to hold a contest to pick a new announcer and they’ve posted all the finalist on their site. To hear the finalists CLICK HERE. […]

  16. This looks like so much fun! How does one get in on it? Do you have the music somewhere?


  17. Julie and McVoice-

    Follow the links to your (and any of your blog readers’) 10 seconds of network news fame :

    Thanks for visiting and particiapting.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  18. LOL!
    Sounds great! I think we are due for a female anncr (but then NBC would probably go Ann Curry or Hoda Kotb – ick).

    Truth be told, I don’t think Douglas is that bad, but he certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice.

    Kara Edwards! I love it!

  19. Audio-

    Make no mistake, Douglas is not bad its merely his vocal performance is lacking on this particular cut. I don’t think its the best he can do and he SHOULD go back, recut it, get some direction from somebody who knows what the heck they are doing and then nail it…which I think he can.

    If he can’t, we are simply providing the network with some amazing options!

    And how can we not love Kara.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  20. Peter,
    The voting on the top three is going to be difficult I have already picked my top six and three are female.
    Maybe we need a poll one male and one female.
    By the way everyone is great.

  21. Mike:

    Your voting must be unisex or sexless…because I am too lazy to set up two different categories! 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter

  22. how about an “atta job, bobbi!”? verrrry good!

    btw, connie, yeah it was you or db for a chica (i closed my eyes and blinked, i guess). the grrrrls sound perfect, in my mind, to introduce the (other) news anchor hotness of brian williams. that, and it works. it really works!!

  23. First, to win, you have to say,”Nyooz” not “Nooze” and
    although i truly believe that Kara Edwards captures the spirit of all TV national news, i’m going with my top 3:
    Bruce miles
    philip ivey
    tom ackerman


  24. […] auditions can be heard on the audio’connell Voice Over Talent’s blog site – – or accessed through the company’s web site – […]

  25. 1. Dave Houston
    2. Dave Houston
    3. Dave Houston

  26. Karen Lehman
    David Houston
    Nelson Jewell

  27. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles
    David Houston

  28. great talents

  29. we missed with voice over voting bus…may be next time

  30. Cool everything: the picture and information

  31. Do you have twitter? Great stuff by the way…