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welcome john melley to the blogroll

In my YouTube searches recently, I came across some great videos on radio studios from John Melley because, well, he works in radio and his station just moved into new facilities.

It seems this is a blog you have to sign up for rather than get an RSS feed delivered directly to your reader but its good stuff so check it out.

UPDATE: John HAS now added an RSS button on his blog so you can get it delivered right to your reader. Thanks John.

welcome andy boyns to the blog roll

With thanks to my friend Ralph Hass for the tip, Andy Boyns has been added to the blog roll.

I believe Andy was at VOICE 2010 and we didn’t get a chance to hang out and I’m sorry for that.

But at least you can read all his cool stuff like I now will.

welcome john matthew to the blog roll

I was scrolling through my RSS feeds and noted a post on Voiceover Universe from one John Matthew regarding the door of fame in his studio.

This VU post was originally a post on his blog which until that moment I hadn’t known existed, now I do so now John’s blog is on the blog roll and I am a subscriber.

If you need another reason to subscribe, John describes his blog as “an exploration of the symbiosis between voice acting and everyday life.”

I believe that is the first recorded use of the word symbiosis on any voice over blog anywhere. That alone makes it worth the read.

welcome mr. whitney wyatt to the blogroll

I got a very nice email from Whitney Wyatt out in California advising me that he’d added me to his blogroll. When I got there, not only was there a link but a nice post about voxmarketising.com.

Certainly that kindness is not required to be considered for the blogroll, but it sure made my day.

calling all voice talent bloggers


Hi Folks!

It’s been a while at least since I put out a call to make sure I have your blog listed on my blog roll here at voxmarketising. And I seem to be in tidy up mode today (office/studio looking spiffy and all cleaned up).

Well, here’s your invite.

Please let me know your voice over blog’s web address (if I don’t have it already in the column on the right) and we’ll get ‘er posted.

You also may have changed your web address and not let me know (now would be the time to double-check).

You also may know of a blog that has bit the dust on my blog roll recently that I hadn’t heard about…ping me on that tidbit if you have it.

If you would like to link back to here or to audio’connell Voice Over Talent, well we’d see that as a great kindness but not a requirement.

That’s all, thanks.