MEDIA RELEASE – Bacardi Rum Chooses Voice-Over Talent Peter K. O’Connell

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NEW DELHI, India, August 30, 2012 – – Looking to continue its sales growth across India, the world’s largest privately held spirits company Bacardi created a new nationwide television advertising campaign for the country, selecting American Voice-Over Talent Peter K. O’Connell as the voice for the campaign.

About Peter K. O’Connell
In addition this most recent television commercial for Bacardi Rum, Peter K. O’Connell’s professional voice-over credits include national and regional voice-over productions for companies such as PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes, U.S. Army, Starz Cable Channel, SunSetter Awnings, Time Warner Cable, New Jersey Tourism, First Financial Bank, N.A., J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Cleveland Browns of the National Football League, Harlequin Enterprises, Darien Lake Theme Park and Pathmark Supermarkets.

O’Connell’s voice-over productions have been heard around the world in radio and TV commercials, medical narrations, television infomercials, political commercial voice-overs, TV network promos, e-learning narration projects (computer-based training, internet-based training and web-based training), public service announcements, message on-hold as well as other video and media productions. Peter K. O’Connell owns audio’connell Voice-Over Talent.

About Bacardi Limited
Bacardi Limited is a vibrant, family-owned spirits company – nurtured by seven generations of the Bacardi family -now the third largest spirits company in the world, as well as the world’s largest, privately held spirits company.

Bacardi Limited has a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels spanning a wide variety of spirits categories including Bacardi Rum, Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Cazadores Tequila, Eristoff Vodka and Martini Vermouth & Sparkling Wines.

The company’s emphasis on quality began in Santiago de Cuba where on February 4, 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi­ Masso purchased a small distillery and revolutionized rum making. After careful and systematic experimentation with a variety of ingredients, aging and blends, Don Facundo created a new, smooth, light-bodied spirit – Bacardi Rum – what the world now knows as premium light rum.

India emerged as the fastest developing market for Bacardi in 2011 with more people entering the legal drinking age in the second most rapidly growing Asian economy.
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