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â–º (0:00) Show Open: (Voxmarketising Episode #102 (which is actually 103 but whose counting/ Show date: February 27,2009)

â–º (1:00) Welcome:

â–º (1:41) Oversight (Stuff You Might Have Missed):
• Tropicana bags new packaging
• Facebook’s Term of Service challenges
• Podcamp Toronto #pcto09
• Steve Saylor
• Dave Delany
• Sean McGaughey
• Dave Fleet
• Bernard Hellen
• Victoria Fenner
• Tommy Vallier
• Podcamp London, Ontario #pclo09
• Podcamp Ohio 2, #pcoh09

â–º (12:44)VMT Interview (On voiceover or marketing or advertising or all of the above):
The winner of the Unofficial Late Night With Jimmy Fallon announcer auditions

â–º (24:02) Brain Spanking (Funny, Weird, Annoying News of the Day But Stuff That Usually Makes You Think):
• Twitter Search
• Tweet Deck

â–º (27:01) Show Close:
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