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peter’s new commercial demo video

Here’s the thing…if you’re going to craft a new commercial voiceover demo, you should create a new commercial voiceover demo video to go with it.

It’s like salt and pepper.

Cake and ice cream

Coffee and donuts.

I’m not sure what my point was but I have the sudden urge to go to the kitchen. Bye!

“that’s voiceover” moves to la

That's Voiceover

Rudy Gaskins pinged me the other day to remind me that “That’s Voiceover” (to which I guess I still have a free ticket since I paid for the first “That’s Voiceover” but never got there cause my plane couldn’t land in NYC) is going to LA on October 6th.

It looks to be a much more involved event than in previous years, with seminars on audiobooks and microphones preceding the main event and later the drink fest, -er, networking event.

It really does look like a fun and informative event that Rudy and Joan Baker have put on for, I think, three years. And a portion of the proceeds from “That’s Voiceover” will go to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

I hope you’ll enjoy this fun event.

a commercial about a commercial production company?

I was supposed to be producing a video featuring my new commercial demo but while I was brainstorming this I came up with this video idea based on a design I created for my audio’connell Voice Over Talent business card.

So I made this video first. And no I have no earthly idea what to do with it except post it on YouTube. Maybe I can integrate it into a trade show display. Oh well, it’s not art but it’s harmless enough. Wonder if it’s too late to buy a spot in the Super Bowl?

audio’connell in syracuse

Lauren Synger - Female Voice Over Talent

I had the opportunity to meet Syracuse, NY female voice over talent Lauren Synger today on her home turf and what a great voice talent she is too!

While she excels at commercial and narration work, her real passion is character voices and she is especially fond of audio books (which is really where she got her start in voice over.)

She was kind enough to introduce me to a few contacts while I tried to find some ISDN studios in the area (not an easy task) and she had some very kind words about her successes with Voices.com, run by my friends David and Stephanie Ciccarelli.

It’s always great to make a new VO pal. Thanks Lauren.

weekend at marice’s

I got an email from Stacey Stahl updating me about Marice Tobias’ big October weekend in Vegas featuring training for established guys in VO. No broads aloud, er, allowed. Except for Marice.

If you’d like to get information or reserve your space, contact Stacey at stacey@creativeentertainmentmanagement.com .

kevin readdean narrates ‘moonbane’ and you could win the audiobook

Moonbane by Al Sarrantonio, Narrated by Kevin Readdean

My friend and fellow voice talent Kevin Readdean serves as the narrator of the new audiobook Moonbane by Al Sarrantonio.

On his blog (to which I hope you will subscribe if you haven’t already) Kevin is hosting a giveaway of the audiobook he gives voice to.

Full details are available here; if you are of the mind to tweet this up, post his giveaway to Facebook, Google+ it or otherwise blog about it…that would be very kind of you on behalf of Kevin.