a commercial about a commercial production company?

I was supposed to be producing a video featuring my new commercial demo but while I was brainstorming this I came up with this video idea based on a design I created for my audio’connell Voice Over Talent business card.

So I made this video first. And no I have no earthly idea what to do with it except post it on YouTube. Maybe I can integrate it into a trade show display. Oh well, it’s not art but it’s harmless enough. Wonder if it’s too late to buy a spot in the Super Bowl?

7 Responses to “a commercial about a commercial production company?”

  1. Very Cool Peter!

  2. Love the visuals, the bed is a bit 80s porno for my taste though.

  3. @ Derek thanks very much

    @ Erik I’m interested to learn about your critical dissertation on the finer points of the musical score of 80’s porn. How did you acquire this impressive knowledge? 😉

  4. Yeah, let’s hear a little ‘boom-chicka-wow-wow’ history!

  5. Hey man, it was a lonely decade for me. Kind of a slump. I’m trying my best to make up for it now.

  6. Nice and clean!

  7. Thank you so much John, that’s absolutely the look I was going for.

    Best always,
    – Peter