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we have a winner, please, no more phone calls

Peter K. O'Connell_A_CU1_20

There were votes and likes and comments, oh my!

But in the end, Mrs. audio’connell was right and ‘C’ was the overwhelming favorite choice so it will be the primary photo I use in my marketing.

However, I think we will find places and opportunities to use the other two pictures as well.

Thanks to all who voted…I hope it proved to be a pleasant distraction.

And thanks again to Lori Joyce of Lori Joyce Photography for being willing to do such a dirty job and make it look so effortless. If you need professional pictures done…for anything…call Lori.

it’s primary day, cast your photographic vote

O'Connell Photos ABC

There comes a time in every life when a picture must be taken.

Unfortunately this time, it was my picture. I’m updating some of my marketing tools and they should have a decent (read: professional) picture as a part of them. I hadn’t had a professional picture done in about 3-4 years and that was more of a “shoot and dash” job (which honestly was fine with me).

But if one is going to market himself as the “Friendly, Neighborhood Voice-Over Talent”, one should probably look friendly if not neighborly in pictures, right? Plus I don’t have the goatee (this week) and that was in the last picture and oh well, let’s just get this horrible task over with.

See, I hate having my picture taken. Let me amend that, if its just friends shooting pictures, I’m fine with that. But on those very rare occasions when I am the subject, ick, can’t stand it. I get very self conscious and really don’t like that attention – which is why I don’t do on-camera

But bidness is bidnezz so a shooting we will go.

One of my friends from high school actually didn’t go to jail and in fact made a nice career for herself as a professional photographer. With the patience of Job, Lori Joyce (who not surprisingly owns Lori Joyce Photography) ripped the paper bag off my head and snapped some very nice shots. Then using her trowel tool in Photoshop, she covered up enough of time and nature’s mistakes to give me three very nice shots (she’s going to add these shots to her portfolio under the title “How Photographically Make Lemonade Outta Lemons – A Case Study in Fear-Provoking Portraiture”.

So YOU have to pick one. Here are the voting rules:

1. You may one pick one of the above choices – there is no 2nd or 3rd choice
2. The marketing message I want to get across in these shots is friendly, knowledgeable, established and maybe professional-but not like a doctor or lawyer. Maybe I should go with “not an axe murderer.” Yeah, try that!
3. There is not choice D. none of the above
4. Thanks

Voice Talent Diane Merritt Walks to End Alzheimers and Save You The Pain

Diane Merritt Alzheimers Walk

My friend and fellow voice-over talent Diane Merritt is a special lady – she’s a talented VO pro, a great Mom and daughter. In short, she is one of the finest people I know.

Years ago, her dear Mom passed away from Alzheimers. Every deadly disease has its own special penalties- with Alzheimers, loss of memory and presence is one of the terrible plights for the patient and the family.

Since her Mom’s death, Diane has participated in her local Walk for Alzheimers event, raising money for the local charity’s chapter. She is aggressively seeking donations for this year’s walk in Greenville, SC which will take place on October 19, 2013.

With whatever financial contribution you can afford, I hope you will consider making a donation on behalf of Diane, her Mom and the thousands of people directly and indirectly hurt by Alzheimer’s Disease.


P.S. (I don’t make this request too often) For Diane’s fundraising efforts, would you please share this post with your personal networks on as many social media outlets ((Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)) as possible?

Thanks again!