a new era or new headaches?

Depending on your position the answer is:

It passed.



I am not in the union. I understand the prospective value of being in it but in the past I didn’t see the value for my business for a variety of reasons. The union isn’t bad generally, it’s just not for me presently.

Going forward, I’m very much of the wait and see opinion. There will be so much elbowing for a place at the new combined table (egos, anyone?) while trying to herd the operational cats that a union manages (health care comes to mind) that it’s going to be a bumpy union ride for a while.

I’m hopeful for the union members because this really seems to be the union’s final shot at legitimacy and effectiveness.

The union is necessary in practice and principle. Good luck to all.

2 Responses to “a new era or new headaches?”

  1. Hello fellow Buffalo sports fan:)

    New Era in your title leads me to share that New Era Caps is making available on April 1st the first ever NFL Buffalo Bills 59Fifty Draft Cap. Just a short and sweet announcement.

    Oh – and GO Sabres (into the playoffs)!

    Cheers Peter!

    ~ Ralph

  2. Thanks Ralph.

    BTW, you have some homework that’s due to me, mister!

    Best always,
    – Peter