agents who celebrate national voice over month win!

Voice Over Agents for Male Voice Talent Peter K. O'Connell

I’ve been fairly fortunate in my voice over career to have partners in my voiceover business.

They are my voice over agents who represent me and hundreds like me to thousands of potential clients for each new voice over project that comes out.

I speak to all my agents fairly regularly and I think most even know my name (kidding! – just agent humor). They do know my name, my voice talent and I am fortunate to have gotten business from and made money for these valued partners.

Now, as we begin September’s National Voice Over Appreciation Month (or National Voice Over Month, as I prefer to call it so I don’t have to type as much) I thought I would mention how I think Voice Over Agents can benefit from this month long celebration. Maybe these tips might work for your agents too.

Something to Write About
The challenge in promoting talent within an agency is with so many people represented, it’s tough most times to just promote one individual talent to a full data base of clients. The other talents get a bit perturbed if they are not the “chosen one”.

That’s where National Voice Over Month comes in…sending out a direct mail piece (letter, postcard or even email blast) to your database of prospects and clients about the National Voice Over Appreciation Month celebration that directs readers to your list of talents is a great and simple way to drum up business.

Something to Talk About
Often times, when outbound calling (aka “dialing for dollars”), agents fish for something to talk to a potential or even regular client about. Once a job is over, an agent has to search for the next hit. That can be just as difficult and awkward as it sounds but its part of the skill set agents bring to the table – that ability to keep the conversation going.

Should they do the direct mail piece our to prospects and clients – what would normally be a cold to lukewarm call immediately becomes a warm call – the agent has something to talk to the client about.

“Did you see our announcement about National Voice Over Month? Yeah, it’s a kinda silly celebration but it got me to thinking about some of our voice talents who just completed some really cool projects. I’m really excited for you to hear them.”

That conversation could go somewhere or nowhere but at the very least, the agent got in front of the prospect at least one time if not two times in one month’s time and kept the dialogue going.

That’s what sales is all about. My team is good at that – I hope yours is too.

My thanks to all my agents who work on my behalf:

NEW YORK: All Coast Talent – Toni Silveri > 716.836.4339

NEW YORK: Voice Talent Productions – Erik Sheppard > 631.332.9550

CALIFORNIA & ARIZONA: Dani’s Agency – Dani Green > 602.263.1918

ILLINOIS & WISCONSIN: Lori Lins, Ltd. – Maureen Troy > 414.282.3500

TEXAS: Pastorini-Bosby Talent – Jenny Bosby > 713.266.4488

WASHINGTON & COLORADO: Big Fish Voice Co. – Elynne Dale > 303.778.6708

OHIO, KENTUCKY & INDIANA: Heyman Talent – Thomas McClure > 614.291.8200

GEORGIA: RSH Management – Richard Hutchison > 404.261.7824

GEORGIA: Voice Scouts – Becky Wilmes > 877.351.1060

TENNESSEE, LOUISIANA & ALABAMA: Dan Agency Inc. – Stephanie Beck Williams > 615.591.7064

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