audio’connell in kansas

Voice-Over Talents Dan Hurst, Matt Wiewel, Andy Barnett and Peter K. O'Connell in Kansas City, Kansas

Voice-Over Talents Dan Hurst, Matt Wiewel, Andy Barnett and Peter K. O’Connell in Kansas City, Kansas

Well Toto, here’s another state you can cross off your bucket list! Welcome to Kansas City, Kansas – home to some of the best BBQ and voice-over talents around.

Tonight I got to visit with my long time pal, fellow Faffer and Voice-Over Swami Dan Hurst and he brought along another fellow Faffer and recent full-time voice-over talent THE Andy Barnett as well as “There’s a Matt for That” and Faffer to-be (if he has his way) Matt Wiewel.

It was over three hours of stories so no, I won’t try and play that all back for you. But a massively great and well-behaved time was had by all and I am so appreciative that Dan, Andy and Matt took time out of their evening to hang out with me. Thanks guys!

5 Responses to “audio’connell in kansas”

  1. It was a blast, Peter!!!

    Thank you so much for coming over to our table and inviting yourself to sit with us.

    BTW, I was trying to remember. What was it you said about all those Canadian VOs???

    Thanks for the fun evening!!!

  2. Good times guys!

    Thanks for letting me tag along! Hope to join the fun at the next Faffcon.

  3. Peter,

    I wish I had known you were coming. I’m only 40 mins down the road from KC. Great guys to hang out with! Maybe next time?


  4. Matt BETTER be at the next Faffcon, or we’re stopping by KC to kidnap him on the way….

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