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I will grant you that Dansville, New York is no Miami but sometimes you go places, not so much for the city as for the people (and I’m not sure Dansville is big enough to be a city anyway).

But such was my reason for visiting Dansville today as it was sort of a half way point between my studio and where voice talent and fellow blogger Bob Souer was visiting while he was handling some impressive audio production duties for a project in Binghamton, NY.

We had lunch at the world renowned Sunrise Restaurant (its where all the beautiful people in Dansville meet. Their rinforzi il tortino et broodje was to die for! Simply heavenly!)

For any of you who have had the chance to speak with or meet Bob, I have the same boring story to report about him: charming guy, smart guy, wonderful voice over career insights and selfless to a fault. In short (and I am much shorter than he) Bob is the exact opposite of me.

A great treat for me to connect with a great talent and even better man.

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  1. […] and generous guy. He even paid for today’s lunch. By the way, you can get Peter’s take on the day on his voiceover blog. Bookmark to: This entry is filed under General, People. You can follow any responses to this […]

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’m glad that you got to meet Bob! It’s nice to see the community going off-line for lunches and other events.

    I saw Bob just a couple of weeks ago in Albany, NY at a conference we were speaking at (something about that state of yours for visiting, eh?).

    Next time we drive through NY, I’ll let you know in advance so that we can meet up too. It’s been too many months since PodCamp in Toronto!

    Take care,


  3. Steph:

    Thanks for visiting the blog and you guys at know you have an open invitation to visit audio’connell HQ anytime. Just let me know ahead of time so I can pick up all the oreo cookie wrappers laying around the studio 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter