beau weaver made me laugh

Voice Talent Beau Weaver

So my friend Caryn Clark, a professional female voice talent, told a great story on her blog via Facebook the other day.

Caryn does not have a lot of live announce experience (ala radio et all) so she has always shied away from live announcing.

Actually it seemed more like a fear.

Well lo and behold somebody picked her for a live announce with a male partner and she went for it…she did the live announce gig with about three hours prep time and it went smashingly.

While sharing this personal triumph, Beau Weaver (also a voice talent) shared a story in the comments section about a live announce that made me laugh out loud in support. Beau wrote:

“When I voiced the Critics Choice Awards on live national television, they were re-writing a tease-out-to-commercial with a sharpie on my script WHILE I was reading it…….so three hours is a luxury!”

If you’ve ever done a live announce you know how funny that is because of how true it is!

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