blog action day 2009

Editor’s Note: This post is my contribution to Blog Action Day, joining thousands of other bloggers to write about one topic for a single day. This year’s topic is climate change.

This is a tough topic for me because I have this feeling in my gut that many people will espouse the opinion that we are suffering from global warming, that it’s catastrophic and that buying the right car or light blub will fix all this.

I don’t think it’s catastrophic but I do think it’s an issue. Buying environmentally friendly cars or light bulbs sounds good I guess but I think our world needs to look at its emissions or better yet and more directly pollution which is a past blog action day topic.

To me, when you look at a city like Beijing or Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles….actually look at them especially from higher ground looking down on those cities and actually see the pollution in the air…you know that such pollution has to have a negative effect on their climate and the world’s climate in addition to the obvious hazards to the health of its citizens.

Pollution, in my opinion, or more specifically efforts to control pollution will result in greater benefits in the short and long term for our cities, countries and planet.

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