casting call for foreign language voice demos


Some of my fellow voice professionals who loiter here may have seen my postings on VO-BB, Voice Over Savvy and Yahoo’s Voice Over Group requesting foreign language voice demos.

Well Mr. Social Media VO here neglected to post the darn thing right here! (Babies, no sleep, you know the drill)

I would like to secure your professional foreign language voice demos (male or female) if you can read and fluently speak the following languages (in your versatile pro voices of course):

• French
• Italian
• German
• Polish
• Japanese
• Chinese
• Korean
• Russian
• Hungarian
• Czech
• Portuguese
• Indonesian
• Hindi

Please send your :60 demo and complete contact info to me at peter at audioconnell dot com.

If there is a language you think I’ve omitted (and you’ve got an awesome demo for it), let me know too.

Further, as voice acting instructor Nancy Wolfson did, if you know folks who do foreign language VO very well, let them know about this possible opportunity.


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