i-post – the i-phone’s new 3.0 OS

i-posts are short updates written on my i-phone using my wordpress blog app.

After about 8 tries last night I was able to download i-phone’s OS 3.0 last night around 10:30 p.m.

It was kinda funny because in my head I thought “I’ll just try one more time and if I get another error message, I’ll deal with this in the morning.” Then bingo…well not super fast bingo as the whole process took an hour in including about 45 minutes to download the 230MB+ file. That could have been Apple’s overloaded servers or my neighbors hogging our cable internet connection. Either way for me it was not unexpected for the first day of availability.

So far what I like best about the new version are two features that I always thought would have part of the first version only because they were on every other darn phone: cut & paste as well as a universal landscape key board.

Those were two reasons I haven’t done many i-posts, my thumbs made too many mistakes. It’s a little better now.

I’ll keep you posted.

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