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more audio’connell fun on you tube

After the worldwide success of my YouTube debut a few months ago, while I had some time this week during a commercial session, I thought you would enjoy watching how I performed my parts for a radio spot I was cast in.

This again was a remote recording session but I think its great fun and at the end you hear the finished part – chosen not by me but by the producer of the spot. I hope you enjoy it.

And if you are not yet a subscriber to my YouTube channel, I hope you will be, it’s free.

just a cool thing to watch

There creativity, artistry, music and a true sense of achievement in this video.

But it’s also just a blast to watch.

how many voice talents does it take to wish you a merry christmas?


Some of you may recall that in 2007, the lovely and talented Philip Banks came up with the idea of asking his friends on the VO-BB.com to recite the Christmas poem “The Night Before Christmas”.

He read the first lines and then emailed the poem to the the lovely and talented D.B. (that’s a capital “B” Facebook, dammit!) Cooper who read her lines; she emailed it to me so I would read the next part, I chose to email it to the lovely and talented Kara Edwards and on it went. Philip mixed it all with some wonderful music and it became one of my proudest voice over accomplishments ever.

So fast forward to 2009 where video is now all the rage and in spite of what I think is a logical and fair aversion to the camera, I agreed to Jeffrey Kafer’s idea to participate in a video version of the recording, again with my friends from the VO-BB.com from around the world…literally.

Please enjoy the voice talents of my friends (in order of appearance) Philip Banks, Bob Souer, Todd Ellis, Bobbin Beam, David Houston, Mr. Face for Radio himself, Bruce Miles, D.B. Cooper, Donna Postel, Michael Minetree, Mandy Nelson, Dave Courvoisier, Andrew Frame, Jeffrey Kafer, Justin Barrett, Connie Terwilliger, Pam Tierney and Tony Impieri (all of whom are both lovely and talented).

Thanks Jeffrey. Merry Christmas to all.

indie buffalo


If I was better organized I would be able to tell if I had written about this before but to the best my old cranium I haven’t.

While this addresses a topic more closely associated with those in or around Buffalo, NY, it could be worth while to those in other cities because with a little Googling, you might find a group in your area similar to the one I’m about to speak about.

Indie Buffalo is a web site dedicated to everything for the independent film maker in Buffalo and Western New York – casting notices, crew posts, production updates, the whole shootin’ match.

It is hosted by my friends at Full Circle Studios who have the community spirit to support this great idea(disclosure: one of the partners there was a groomsman in my wedding and a former business partner of mine).

So I hope you’ll check it out as a possible resource for yourself or others in your circle of influence. Or like I said, check out a similar resource in your neighbor.