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Yesterday I was going through my social media pages, checking to see if there were any new cat videos or Pokemon happenings (not!) when I saw a post from my friend and fellow voice talent Tom Dheere. He shared the information that on August 11th, the board of directors of Media Communications Association – International (MCA-I) voted to closed the national association. They’re shuttin’ her down.

My hand to God, this next part is true: I was just about to call Tom Morse of MCA-I Central Carolina to check in about joining before I read that, now that I am a Raleighite or Raleighinian or…something. Actually I’m in Cary, just outside of Raleigh, but being a Caryite sounds more like a disease state than a residence. I’ll figure it out.

So the first thing I did after I read this news was call my friend and fellow voice talent Connie Terwilliger, who also served as MCA-I Executive Director. I don’t think many other people in the history of that group were as dedicated to MCA-I as Connie.

She explained that memberships just didn’t grow and participation wasn’t growing either. Having a boat load of personal experience governing associations, I know the fight is real.

Not that anyone needs to hear from me but for those folks on the MCA-I National Board of Directors – I know what you decided on was not done easily and in fact was likely particularly draining mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Trust that you had all the facts and acted in accordance with your best judgement. You tried…that’s all anyone could ask.

My greatest disappointment is that they just got this really cool new logo that is sooo awesome!

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS. Many (but not all) of the MCA-I Chapters that have been successful will remain open as independent groups which, aside from some educational and operational facets, they really were anyway. I am told presently this at least includes Orange County, CA, Madison WI, Atlanta, GA, New Jersey and Central Carolinas (yea!). So they can use the cool new logo – alls right with the world.

Some years back, I joined MCA-I when I was in Buffalo – even though there wasn’t a chapter in Buffalo. Then I was promptly placed on the national board of directors, in charge of membership. I liked the people I interacted with but didn’t stay with it after a few years because when I reached out to anyone to introduce myself, they didn’t know me and the membership alone didn’t seem to mean anything without the personal interaction.

My hope is that, with time and participation in the Carolina chapter, I’ll get to know people and see if business relationships can be developed. You gotta out yourself out there. You gotta try or nothing ever gets done.

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