faffcon 3 – day two

It’s so crazy to even try to communicate what one absorbs at Faffcon 3 but I’ll just give you a brief, general sample of my day’s experience:

– During a presentation by my friend Philip Banks, he asked for a volunteer to do an announcer read for a game show pilot he did; there was a great deal of unrequested and so I’ll offer sincere positive feedback on my one take read…a nice way to start the day

– I hosted a session called Voice Over Improv – the Art of Listening which was popular enough to be requested for a 2nd day…I’m so glad it positively impacted so many participants (thank you Toni Silveri for the improv suggestions)

– I got be directed by Rowell Gorman and David Goldberg both of whom said with my voice over talent, I’d make a wonderful milk man (just kidding)

There was an enormous amount of meat off the Faffcon bone that I shall chew on for months to come – all of which I truly feel will help my voice over career. And a great number of new and old friends and industry professionals who will gladly help me achieve my goals.

And me theirs.

Thanks Amy.

4 Responses to “faffcon 3 – day two”

  1. It was such a great time and so much to take in! Your improv session turned out to be one of my favorites (even though the thought of getting up there to participate scared the crap outta me!)…thanks so much!!


  2. Fran,

    It takes courage to be a voice actor. Acting (for voice, picture or stage) is all about risks.

    But taking risks at Faffcon means knowing you have a net full of peers who will help see you safely to your goal. You were great.

    Thanks for trusting us.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Your “voice of the game show” was simply bloody marvellous – Spotless performance!

  4. Philip –

    It’s so funny when I think back to that day and that moment…I truly didn’t “think” when I raised my hand when you asked for volunteers. The hand kinda just went up. And your instruction to the audience gave me just enough time to review the script and then go.

    It was, selfishly, one of the highlights of my trip and the chance to work with you in person was a great memory that I will ALWAYS enjoy. Thanks for making it possible.

    Best always,