free FRENCH public service announcement for myanmar relief efforts

A family of cyclone survivors are seen in Pyapon town, Delta region of Myanmar, Monday, May 26, 2008. (AP Photo)

SUBTITLED: the generosity of the voice over industry

MAY 31, 2008 –After having got the kids down for a nap on this grey, threatening Saturday afternoon, I was toying rather seriously with taking a nap myself. As always, I hypnotically found myself checking mail first, which on Saturdays usually doesn’t reveal too much that’s readable.

Until today.

Bilingual English/French Voice Talent Liz de Nesnera, who is featured as a voice talent on audio’connell’s International Voice Talents sent me an email that actually made me say “wow”.

Her email said:

I thought maybe (you) could use a French version of the :30 PSA.
The copy is below
My audio version is attached
My good deed for the day! 😉

She was referring to our public service announcement efforts (post1post 2) to aid UNICEF’s fund raising efforts in Myanmar (Burma).

Unsolicited help from a thoughtful and generous soul with plenty of work on her plate already. And as I expected, a beautiful read indeed.

This is yet another experience with my voice over peers where I realize just how deficient the words “thank you” really are.

I don’t think it’s so far fetched to say greatness in a career starts with greatness in one’s heart. Clearly, Liz de Nesnera has a great heart.

If you know of any French broadcasters of French podcasters, please direct them to this PSA.

Click (or right click)here to download the the :30 PSA!
Click (or right click)here to download the the PSA script!

4 Responses to “free FRENCH public service announcement for myanmar relief efforts”

  1. Peter, you’re making me blush…
    I just hope someone can use it!
    YOU started it! 😉

    Have a GREAT weekend!



  2. Peter,

    Kudos to you for what you are doing to help those suffering in Myanmar and an equal round of applause to Liz for her kind and generous action.

    Be well,

  3. Peter and Liz,

    It is an absolutely wonderful thing you are doing for the folks of Myanmar. It is the things you do when you expect nothing in return that makes you a true human being.

    com·pas·sion (km-pshn) n. – See Peter O’Connell & Liz de Nesnera


  4. @Liz de Nesnera Blush if you want but you deserve the accolades

    @Bob Souer Thanks but no thanks is necessary. Sometimes each of us just “knows” what we have to do. We can only hope it helped in some small way.

    @Scott Paxton That a very kind and humbling thought Scott. I’ll let Liz blush for both of us 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter