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I’ve already set up about three interviews (fourth pending) for voxmarketising – the audio’connell podcast, set to debut probably in a week or so. I’ll likely only do one interview per show and I am really excited about the interviewees who’ve said yes…more to come on that.

I’ve also got the initial format set (it can always change, this is podcasting after all) and the segments for the first show all set. My first interview is tonight (I told you we’re getting closer to p-day!)

What I need are some (future) listener comments. If you call in with your thoughts for topics I could cover on the show involving voice over (acting), marketing and/or advertising, I can promise you three (3) FREE promotional benefits for your business:

When you call the comment line at +01 716-989-6151 and leave your comment you should first:

1. Say your name…thus promoting your personal brand
2. Say your business name…what you do for a living
3. Mention your web site, blog or podcast (including the web addresses)

Then, leave your comment or idea.

Just remember you must sound brilliant when you call…no pressure (just kidding).

Just like they say on TV….call today! +01 716-989-6151

2 Responses to “free podcast promotional opportunity”

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to your first show PaddyO. Keep us all informed!


  2. I will indeed keep you updated. Call in too if you like. And I KNOW, I know, I owe you some audio!

    Best always
    – Peter