heaven help us – more social networking

About 100 years ago, I joined a free online service called Referral Key.

Conceptually, it’s a networking group where you can refer your buddies when you have business opportunities for them. You can even pay them a referral fee (although you don’t have to).

I had forgotten about what I had for lunch yesterday even before I was done eating so this web site was LONG off my radar.

Then somebody got the bug and found me (a voice talent, naturally, we’re all social media parasites). Then another invite and another. All my friends, all people I’m glad to connect with on yet another social media platform.

But for what purpose?

If I think one of my friends is right for a voice over job, I’m going to recommend them (as I have in the past) with no strings attached. I don’t expect any referrals from them and I’m OK with that. They are my friends – that’s enough for me.

What I need to do is step outside the VO click and meet some folks on this site who are fresh referral meat.

And when exactly will I have time for that?

2 Responses to “heaven help us – more social networking”

  1. Maybe social networking isn’t for you. Pfft… wanting to be successful and earn a living is sooo overrated.

    Mmm… I asked my son if his homework was done and he replied that he’d get to it as soon as he finished tweeting and texting. Who cares if you’re getting actual work done, as long as you’re social with your peeps, it’s all good! 😉

  2. Sure feels that way sometimes. Thanks Christopher!

    Best always,
    – Peter