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TV was at one time considered the penultimate time-waster. The “boob-tube” was where one went to zone out (translation/clarification: for people who were too much of a boob to read a book or be active….a modern colloquialism has changed the term “boob” to mean something not intended here).

It stands to reason, then, that as TV loses its strangle hold on viewers, the main culprit leading people away from television would itself create its own special time waster (no, no…the internet itself is not a time waster). The internet’s relatively new and certainly more popular eye candy is called Stumble Upon .

Based on votes, unique and popular web content (sites, particular pages etc) in fields of interest chosen by you (the viewer) will pop up on your screen with the press of a button you have installed on your browser’s tool bar.

It is a fascinating look at some amazing content that, unless you spend a lot of time surfing specifically for such things, you simply won’t come across anywhere else.

Purely as research (ahem) I have compiled a few sites I found on Stumble Upon that interested me. I hope you will too.

By the way, as you’ll notice in the icons posted beneath this story, you can vote for this blog story as worthy of “Stumble Upon” by clicking on the SU logo.


25 Great Calvin and Hobbes Strips

Five Lesson About How To Treat People

Buddy Networking

Computer Enhancers

The History of Branding

Telling Time in A Different Way

The Art of Schmoozing

South Park Create A Character

Another Cool Way To Tell Time

The Pattern Game

Learning Sign Language


Type Tester (picking the right font for your web site)

The Blue Ball Maze (Note: avoid this if you are on some mind altering drug)

2 Responses to “it’s time to stumble upon”

  1. okay then. i guess your latest blog worked … for me, anyway. i just spent 00:15:00 looking at 25 calvin and hobbes strips. sigh. i miss them.

  2. I saw the Calvin and Hobbes strips first time and I laughed and laughed!

    I respect a man’s decision to leave the stage leaving the audience wanting more but boy oh boy I thought there was still a lot of life left in those two.

    No comic in the papes today (except maybe Opus on Sundays) is nearly as good.

    Thanks for visting and come back often. You’re always welcome here.

    Best always,

    – Peter