jingles – smooth jazz jingle from tm studios

I can’t recall if we’ve been given a name but if we have its probably something like a jinglephile – people who love jingles.

Whether an advertising jingle or a radio station jingle, if it’s good I’ll hum it and play it forever. It started back when I started in radio in 1982…I used to go into the PD’s office and listen to all the new demos. There are now message boards and web site’s all over the place filled with wackos like me…obviously all brilliant and talented people 😉 .

I don’t collect these jingles like some folks but I know the ones I love. There are some commercial jingles here in town that I’d probably voice for free because I’d just love to have my voice on those jingles. Of course I’d snap into invoice mode when the negotiations started, fear not!

I bring this up because I found myself at the TM Studios web site recently. I go to most of the jingle websites and listen a couple of times a year to hear what new stuff they have.

This time I found a smooth jazz radio station package that may have been around for a while but we don’t have that format any more in Buffalo. But the package’s first cut is just terrific and I thought I’d play it for you here to hear. This is the 40 second version. I love the singer’s voice and the use of the flute.

Smooth Jazz Jingle Package from TM Studios Cut 1 (:40 secs)

3 Responses to “jingles – smooth jazz jingle from tm studios”

  1. i loved the quirky and involved jingle package at wibc indianapolis and was tickled to meet a fellow in college who not only knew it, but had it in his collection.

    (sidebar…he loved jingles so much, he created a custom audition tape to TM productions and they were begging him to come work for them before he could even graduate!)

    one of the treasures he gave me was a copy of “The TM Song”, which was used at an NAB convention. It incorporated every style and every set of call letters for every client they had in one well-orchestrated 5 minute symphony. my friend, ken justiss, said they rigged up some of those “bubble” chairs (like Number Two uses in “the Prisoner”) where people at NAB could be enveloped by the sound.

    classic stuff!!!

  2. Well cool RG, but now we need to hear that jingle symphony!

    Find that link 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. i may have to make one.