more olympic logo fun

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OK, so I’m a nut for logos. Some people like wine, some people like tropical fish. Me, I’m a logo guy. It’s addictive, I suppose but not in a 12-step sorta way.

So when I came across a story about the about Sochi in Russia getting the 2014 Olympic Games, I went to their web site and immediately had a reaction to their logo (as I have had to other Olympic logos though I will not reference that article here lest it interfere with a poll I am about to have YOU partake in).

So above you will see logos from the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing, Vancouver, London and Sochi.

Here are your questions that you must (I’m a demanding little stinker, ain’t i?) answer in the comment section:

• Which logo do you like the most?
• Why do you like that logo so much?
• Optional question: which logo do you dislike the most?
• Optional question: why do you dislike that logo so much?

6 Responses to “more olympic logo fun”

  1. I like Vancouver. I guess I’m a sucker for the person made of different colors to represent racial harmony. I guess if you wanna get all symbolic it means that the Olympics brings all races together as one in the name of athletic competition. Yadda yadda.

    London’s sucks because it looks like one of my kids’ toys after I accidentally step on it.

  2. Jeff:

    Thanks for the vote.

    I am actually wondering if I might not make the effort to go to Vancouver in 2010. I am told its a lovely area and I could check that off the list of major sporting events I have attended!

    Come back anytime!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Vancouver is my choice too and not too far from my home base. Silly civic strike going on there right now though.

    Cheers from Ralph

  4. Hi Ralph:

    Maybe you can pick up some VO work there. That would be something!

    Best always,

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