new RSS feed for audio’connell news

If you look to the front page of the audio’connell Voice Over Talent web site, next to the title “audio’connell breaking news” you’ll see that popular orange RSS icon. I put it there at a cost of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours but this is what I am willing to do for you, my valued readers.

Ahem, well, maybe it cost me a little less than that but Mother always said to me it’s the thought that counts and my Father always said hyperbole sells.

Ahem, well, while Mother may have said that “thought” thing my Father never got really hyper about anything…a very calm man, he.

The point is when we publish a new press release, if you have subscribed to that news feed, you can receive it right away. For those of you still unclear on the whole RSS thing, note the “what’s this?” link next to the RSS icon, which gives you the lowdown on RSS.

Now some of you are subscribers to voxmarketising (and thank you again for that) and you’ll notice that we also reprint these media releases here (in more of a social media release-like format). You too can subscribe to the news feed (as they are separate feeds) or just read the releases on the blog as we will continue to post them here too.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress….

2 Responses to “new RSS feed for audio’connell news”

  1. Are you always on top of it or WHAT!!

  2. Well thank you Brian for thinking so but likely there are tons of youngens (whose ranks seem to be growing or maybe I’m just getting older 😉 ) who know more about all this (and seem to know it much sooner) than I do.

    Thanks very much for stopping by!

    Best always,
    – Peter