new ryder cup logo

I’ve been a bit lax in my logo reviews of late (and I know you find this upsetting) so here’s a very cool update for those of you of the golf persuasion (like me).

The Ryder Cup is a long standing bi annual golf tournament featuring the top golfers from the United States versus the top players from Europe. Its a long weekend full of some great golf.

And there may be no sport more dependent on logos given all the golf shirts and baseball caps sporting thousands of golf related logos. The Ryder Cup really is the sport’s Oscars and this updated tournament logo fits that bill perfectly.

I really enjoy the tournament and I think this new logo is a home run. But I’d love to get your impression as well. Are you more fond or not so fond of it?

2 Responses to “new ryder cup logo”

  1. Great new look; much needed update to old logo.. stylish and modern…

  2. Agreed Mike…I’ll be interested to see how it looks embroidered since there is sooo much money in logoed apparel for the Ryder Cup.

    Best always,
    – Peter