new television commercial voice-over for darien lake

If you live in New York State, you likely have heard of Darien Lake, which is the Empire State’s largest theme park. Rides, shows and some amazing concerts in addition to multiple hotels, lodges and camp sites.

Oh and a very nice water park.

It’s really quite a place so I was very pleased when I got the call to be the voice of their 2012 Season Pass campaign. It was fun and unique recording session that you’ll have to remind me to tell you about sometime. A brief hint, I was in Missouri at the time.

So in case you are out of state, here’s their nifty spot with a little voice-over boost from yours truly.

One Response to “new television commercial voice-over for darien lake”

  1. A little late with my comments Peter but congrats on an excellent spot for Darien Lake. I have heard great things about Darien as my brother in law took his family there last year. I have to do the same with my boys soon. Hope all is well. Just booked my flight ticket tonite for Charlotte. See you soon!