nominees for world news with diane sawyer fauxdition announced


With my sincere thanks to the record 96 participants in this faux-dition and the gracious judges (all of whom said the process was very difficult) there are now terrific 11 nominees for you to vote on (11 because there was a tie for 10th spot and 11 is a bigger number than 10 and because I said so.)

First, a little housekeeping (PLEASE READ)


1. The decision of audio’connell voice over talent (that would be me) is final

2. Nobody has a chance to get the real announcer job at World News with Diane Sawyer as the job has long ago been ably filled and because this is an unofficial and very silly contest.

3. Please choose your top three choices, numbering them 1, 2, 3 with your first choice (1) being your favorite (three different announcers, NOT three votes for one person, etc.)

4. Type your vote in the comment section of this blog post below

5. You may only vote once and you are on the honor system

6. Voting will end when I say it does, probably a couple of weeks I’m guessing

OK, the floor is yours. Have fun! Click HERE to listen to the nominees then please come back to vote below in the comment box.
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81 Responses to “nominees for world news with diane sawyer fauxdition announced”

  1. #1 Ralph Hass

    #2 Dan Harder

    #3 Tammy McDaniel

  2. #1 Dan Harder

    #2 Jay Douglas

    #3 John Weeks

  3. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Jack Friday
    3. Tammy McDaniel

  4. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Tammy McDaniel
    3. DC Goode


  5. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Lee Gordon
    3. Tammy McDaniel

  6. 1- Rich Brennan
    2- Jack Friday
    3- Tammy McDaniel

  7. 1. Rich Brennan

    2. Jack Friday

    3. John Weeks

  8. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Tammy McDaniel
    3. Lee Gordon

  9. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Lee Gordon
    3. Jack friday

  10. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. DC Goode
    3. Jay Douglas

  11. A difficult choice for sure…All are very good!

    1.John Weeks

    2. Dan Harder

    3. Lee Gordon

  12. 1 Rich Brennan
    2 Tammy McDaniel
    3 John Weeks

  13. 1) DC Goode
    2)Ralph Hass
    3)Scrappy Doo

  14. 1. Tammy McDaniel

    2. Jack Friday

    3. John Weeks

  15. Thanks for the votes folks.
    If it was me having to choose…it would be a looooonnnngg day!
    Very goode deliveries all!


  16. 1. DC Goode
    2. Rich Brennan
    3. Tammy McDaniel

  17. 1. Ralph Hass

    2. Tammy McDaniel

    3. DC Goode

  18. 1) Ralph Hass
    2) Phillip Ives
    3) DC Goode

  19. 1 – Ralph Haas
    2) – John Weeks
    3) Lee Gordon

  20. Rich Brennan

    John Weeks

    DC Goode

  21. 1) Ralph Hass

    2) DC Goode

    3) Rich Brennan

  22. Hey, Jack…post Air America, now we have even more spare time…

    1. Dan Harder

    2. Jack Friday

    3. DC Goode

  23. Tough decision … knowing it would be ungentlemanly to vote for myself.

    1. Jack Friday
    2. John Weeks
    3. Jay Douglas – though his volume level is low

  24. 1. Ralph Hass
    2. Rich Brennan
    3. Dan Harder

    Great job everyone!

    Mike Coon

  25. Rich Brennan
    Tammy McDaniel
    John Weeks

  26. My #1 pick not only sounds better, but I’m sure is better looking than Morgan Freeman! Lotsa good choices here…

    1 – Tammy McDaniel
    2 – Philip Ives
    3 – Dan Harder

  27. First, I am shocked that only one woman was chosen as a finalist.

    1.) Jay Douglas

    2.) Dan Harder (though he used the word “world” in the script twice when it should have been only once and that sounded strange.)

    3.) Rich Brennan (his voice was too deep IMO for this, but nevertheless, very good delivery.)

  28. 1, Ralph Hass
    2. DC Goode
    3.Philip Ives

  29. 1. Ralph Hass – my favourite

    2. Rich Brennan

    3. John Weeks


    2. DC Goode

    3. Phillip Ives

  31. 1. Jack Friday
    2. Ralph Hass
    3. John Weeks