ok all you linkedin screw-ups, pay attention

After all these years on LinkedIn, I STILL get generic connection requests. That’s just lazy.

I thought it was just me who thought this showed little creativity and a bit of bad manners but after reading a blog post from Amber MacArthur, it’s clear this is not something that bugs just me.

And Amber Mac points out a few other mistakes people make on LinkedIn that you might find familiar.

2 Responses to “ok all you linkedin screw-ups, pay attention”

  1. I can completely relate to Amber. In fact, experiences like hers prompted me to write “*8 things I hate about you,” and robotic requests are at the top of my list:


    Automatization has made a lot of things in life easier. It gives us less things to think about when our plates are already more than full.

    The downside is that it leads to laziness and inconsiderate behavior.

    When it comes to people, always personalize. Show some manners. Build real relationships. That’s what life is all about!

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