podcamp nashville 2009


With a quick shout out to my new friend from Podcamp Toronto, Dave Delaney, I just wanted to let readers in and around the Nashville area know that Podcamp Nashville 2009 is set up for March 7, 2009.

If you needed any more reason to come other than the learning and networking that’s likely to go on among those involved and wanting to be involved in Social Media….here’s another carrot for you: I won’t be there.

See, now you HAVE to go.

3 Responses to “podcamp nashville 2009”

  1. […] blogger and Voiceactor Peter O’Connell has a great heads up for all of us in the mid-south – specifically […]

  2. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the heads up about the PodCamp in Nashville that Dave is hosting.

    For anyone in the London, ON Canada area, there will be a PodCamp on April 25th, 2009. Not sure if you can make it but thought I’d give it a plug while I was here!



    Full disclosure – Voices.com is sponsoring PodCamp London 🙂

  3. Steph:

    I will blog about it to be sure.

    Also you might want to create a badges header in your web site navigation. I didn’t have time to search the other day for badges and only found the great badges after some more through searching. I want you to get the most promotion possible.

    Good luck!

    Best always,
    – Peter