raleigh durham voiceover meet-up begins

Raleigh Durham Voiceover Meetup with Bill Jordan, Rowell Gormon, Wendy Zier, Peter K. O'Connell, Chadd PIerce & Pat Crosswhite

(l-r) Bill Jordan, Rowell Gormon, Wendy Zier, Peter K. O’Connell, Chadd Pierce & Pat Crosswhite attend the first gathering of the Raleigh-Durham Voiceover Meet-Up

June 28, 2017 is likely not going to be a date that will live in infamy.

Nonetheless, everyone who joined us this night for the first meeting of the Raleigh Durham Voiceover Meet-up had a really good time.

One of the sad parts of leaving Buffalo was that we had formed a really great voiceover meet-up group there. Not only did we have people from Buffalo but also some folks from Central New York would come in and even folks from Canada. And we had visiting voiceover pals too. It’s a great group that still gets together.

RDUVO Raleigh Durham Voiceover MeetupSo when my family moved to RDU last August (sheesh, it’s almost a year!) I was adamant that I would start a VO Meet-up group here. I knew a bunch of great talents here who had been long time friends and they all wanted to do it. I set up a meet up page on September 2, 2016.

Then I did nothing about the voiceover meet-up group for the next 9 months.

But about a month ago, I gave myself a kick in the ass and secured a location for the first RDUVO meetup. I then put out the word to all my local VO friends.

Tonight we had our first meeting!

It was a great experience. People showed up early to help set up the room and brought snacks, Then the conversations started and you couldn’t shut us up. It was great.

Plans are underway to host next month’s RDUVO Meet-up and hopefully even more folks will show.

My thanks to Bill Jordan, Rowell Gormon, Wendy Zier, Chadd Pierce and Pat Crosswhite for attending and making the conversation so terrific!

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