requiescat in pace chrissy fadala

Boston Voice Talent Meet-Up Front row (l-r) Chrissy Fadala, Moe Egan, DB Cooper; Back row Diane Maggipinto (and son Lio), Peter O'Connell and Lee Gordon

When I heard about this last night, I couldn’t quite bring myself to write about the passing of this wonderful soul.

I knew Chrissy later in her life, first from the VO-BB and then thankfully she joined us for this dinner you see in the summer of 2009. How great for me that she would turn out to join us on this special night. I hope I said thank you enough to her for coming out.

If you aren’t a member of the VO-BB, you’ll need to sign up to read my talented friend Mandy Nelson’s kind and loving story of visiting Chrissy in the hospital with Chrissy daughter Delana and how peaceful it all seemed for everyone.

It was a great crutch for the many broken hearts that got to spend time “with our Chrissy”.

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