seeking your marketing advice for twitter

Being that I bruised my toe pretty well Sunday (enough to get it x-rayed to make sure I didn’t break it) I had a little extra time in my Da chair with my laptop, foot iced and elevated. I was perfectly content.

One of the things I did was look at my Twitter page…not a Hoot Suite feed but the actual page.

My question for YOU involves reviewing my Twitter quote. If you can’t read it on the graphic, it reads:

Peter K. O’Connell
Your friendly, neighborhood voice over talent since 1982. For a free quote, check an encyclopedia. For a quote involving you paying me cash, call 716-572-1800.

Not surprisingly, I find that quote incredibly funny, witty, sexy and tall…much like its author.

However, I know sometimes others don’t get my humor. Those are people who are usually not incredibly funny, witty or sexy. So sad.

Yet these people also have checkbooks that I want to access (i.e. them writing me checks) – therefore maybe I need to appease them. Or maybe I don’t…hence the advice from you.

So here’s the vote:

Should I:

a. Keep the quote as is because it is SO funny, witty, sexy and tall

b. Change the quote to appease those who are not so funny, witty, sexy and tall

BUT if you vote “B”, you need to make a suggestion as to what the new quote should be.

6 Responses to “seeking your marketing advice for twitter”

  1. Change that to Barlett’s instead of encyclopedia…

    Actually, back when I got my first business card as a free-lance writer, I had a quote…

    “Only amateurs write for free.”

    My mother thought it was flippant. One of my contacts kept it on his wall for about 20 years and when I run into him, he still brings it up.

    Did he ever hire me for money? I don’t think so, but he really wasn’t hiring writers.

  2. Oh, and how did you get your Twitter page to look so branded!?

  3. Connie, I like the way you think!

    Also, I worked with my designer on the Twitter page…kept it simple, like the rest of my look and feel. Then when the graphic was created, I just uploaded it.

    There are companies who do this sort of stuff all the time…lots fancier than mine!

    Thanks for visiting.

    Best always,

  4. Hey Peter,
    I think the existing quote “works” only if people know you. Otherwise, it could strike people as coming from a grump you don’t want to work with. So I choose option C … no suggestions other than to change!

  5. I think Robin Williams’ says it best,

    “Joke ’em if they can’t take a…”

    and FWIW I think you are funny and witty. 🙂


  6. it made me laugh. I’d hire you! (or work with you) it makes you stand out, I think.
    but I like the Bartlett’s change a a la Connie…and maybe rethink the work “cash” to something more SEO friendly like “you, me, and VO” or “your project, my my voice”—
    maybe. It has to sound like you. I think the cash thing is funnier.