still no bat pole

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I find myself fascinating. Not in an egotistical “but enough about me what do YOU think of me?” way but rather in the way my mind works, has work and what I have remembered from childhood. Those weird pockets of memories that come to the fore every now and again are both powerful and sometimes confusing to me.

The purpose of that preamble is to advise you that today, April 21, 2008 is the 130th Anniversary of the fire pole. The whole history is nicely summarized here.

How this all ties together is that I always wanted a fire pole in my house to be able to get from one floor to another. As a child I thought that was cool and my opinion hasn’t changed. My father would ask me how I would build it and where with great interest but he never got the thing installed.

It was further heightened by the Batman TV show and the Batman movie. To me nothing could be more fun than flipping a secret switch, have a fake wall slide away to reveal a pole. It could lead to the bat cave or the kitchen I really didn’t care but how fun would that be?!

And in the Batman movie, you got to see a lot more of the bat poles in stately Wayne Manor including the switches Batman and Robin switched to change outfits. I still haven’t figured out how they flipped a switch while on the poles AND changed outfits.

But I have owned two homes and I still haven’t installed a pole. And I think I probably won’t. Yet on this anniversary day, it was fun to have that thought slide its way right up to the front of the line in my brain.

Do you come across this odd childhood memories too?

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “still no bat pole”

  1. Sometimes Peter,
    You just make me smile!
    And THAT’S welcome indeed! 🙂


  2. That’s one of the finest reviews this author has ever received in 44 years of writing.


    Best always,
    – Peter