the result of your input is now on display


So you’ll recall my post a few days ago wherein I posted a poll requesting your opinion about the new design for the blog masthead.

The plan was to widen the blog a bit to better serve some changing media tools featured on the blog. Services like Hulu have wider embedded screens which awkwardly crossed over to some of the right columned content here when it was narrower. Widening the blog will fix that problem and most folks have computers and screens that can accept wider views.

I took all the comments here, on LinkedIn and on Facebook …all of it was exactly the type of feedback I hoped to get from my focus group (don’t you feel cheated that I didn’t feed you or give you a gift like most focus group participants get? Oh yes some do get paid as well).

A different design was crafted (as you can see above) than what was originally posted because of your feedback. Your help, insight and opinions were heard and had a direct impact on the final design. I hope you like it.

Thank you very, very much! And enjoy the extra leg room; your stewardess will be around your first class cabin in a moment to take your drink order.

One Response to “the result of your input is now on display”

  1. Looks great! Can I get some more peanuts?