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1.11.08 5:00 p.m. ET – – VOTING IS NOW CLOSED.

We have been blessed with some terrific voice over talents willing to share their abilities with us on our unofficial, unsanctioned and possibly unholy quest for a new announcer for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Of course, if NBC takes my original advice and gets Michael Douglas back into the voice over booth with proper vocal direction, he’ll surely nail it the second time and we’ll all be back selling pencils on the street corner.

But for now, we vote! And here are the rules that I may change or amend to suit my fancy at any particular time (as my parents used to say) “just because!”

Rule 1 – Please listen to all the voices here (its a faster loading page now for more enjoyable listening). Not just because it’s polite but because as maybe the one person who has heard all of them, especially from names I was not initially familiar with, I don’t want you to miss the joy that I’ve had of discovering some new talent.

Rule 2 – You may not vote for me. There are so many reasons why this rule makes sense:
• It would be bad form to be voted best on my own blog
• The appearance of my vocal talent being somehow considered superior to my peers within my blog would be gauche
• This avoids me suffering the embarrassment of either losing or not being voted for at all (OK, now you know the truth, deal with it)

Rule 3 – You may not vote for yourself

Rule 4 – Please vote only once. If you have so much time on your hands that you can vote more than once, you’ve got business or family problems that require your immediate attention.

Rule 5 – Please order your choices as best or first (1st), gooder or second (2nd) and good or third (3rd). I will tabulate all the scores and announce the final top three finishers, with prizes to be determined by how reasonable or ungodly high my Christmas bills turn out to be.

Rule 6 – Voting takes place right here in THIS blog post within the comments section below only. It’s up to you if you want to be anonymous or not but I’m only giving you three choices so your friends shouldn’t hold it against you if you don’t vote for them. If they do, get new friends.

Go vote and tell all your friends, the polls are open!

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MXL USB 008_Large Gold Diaphragm USB Condenser Mic
P.P.S. 12/30/07 – This evening I received a call from a voice over friend of mine who is watching the voting here with great interest and enjoyment. He said he wanted to make it even more interesting and asked if he could donate a prize. I said that wasn’t really necessary but he cut me off and shut my mouth when he said the prize was a MXL 008 Large Gold Diaphragm USB Condenser Microphone. He wants to remain anonymous (what a character!) So this prize will be included to one of the top three vote getters. What a gracious and unexpected donation, thank you!

If you are a voice talent in this voice-off, right about now would be the time I’d start contacting friends, family and anyone who owes you a favor to LEGITIMATELY place their votes. The voting will be open for at least another week.

190 Responses to “vote for your voice choices”

  1. OK here is my vote.

    1. Connie Terwilliger
    2.Bob Souer
    3. Doug Terkel

    Great Idea.

  2. David Houston!

    Second choice: Connie Terwilliger.

    Both have some seriously smooth pipes.

  3. 1. Neslon Jewell
    2. John Weeks
    3. Bob Souer

  4. 1. Karen Lehman
    2. Bruce Miles
    3. Chris Ackerman

  5. It’s 2 Bobs and a Jack for my network news announcer tastes….

    1. Bob Souer

    2. Bob Boving

    3. Jack Friday

  6. 1) Roger Tremaine

    2) Doug Turkel

    3) Rich Brennan

  7. 1) Connie Terwilliger

    2)Karen Lehman

    3) Steve VanOrt

  8. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles

  9. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles
    David Huston
    The best.

  10. Karen Lehman

  11. Karen Lehman
    David Houston
    Nelson Jewell

    Karen’s the best.

  12. Karen Lehman
    Bruce Miles
    David Houston

    Easy Listening

  13. 1. Doug Turkel
    2. Bobbie Owens
    3. Bob Boving

    Very tough.

  14. 1. David Houston

    2. Tammy Byrd

    3. Frank Frederick

  15. 1. David Houston
    2.Karen Lehman
    3> Julie Williams

  16. […] you’d like to hear the auditions and vote (hint-hint), Peter’s Blog is here. And Brian Haymond’s site is […]

  17. Dear Mom and Dad,
    I love you too!
    (Raised in the “vote late but vote a lot” school of thought!)
    PS – Thank you to everyone that voted for me – and congratulations to everyone that threw their hat in the ring! What terrific showcase of talent! kl

  18. This was not an easy decision! So many people could have been in the top 3!


    1. Doug Turkel – Not the biggest voice, but great interpretation.

    2. Connie Terwilliger – Nothing but smooth & professional.

    3. Bruce Miles – Confident & compelling.

    Wow! NBC should be embarrassed that someone from the audition list isn’t on their network every day…

  19. Karen Lehman

  20. karen! that’s fabby that your folks voted for you. i’m still working on helping them understand what i do … years later.

    bless their hearts!

  21. I prefer the men’s voices. Sorry.
    It seems to narrow down to a few, but voting for more than one seems weird. Undemocratic even.
    One clear winner.

    Dave Houston

    Thank you

  22. 1- Roger Tremaine, smooth, friendly but also says…”hey, you need to listen to this!”
    2- Connie Terwilliger, in what state can you marry a speaker?
    3- Dave Christi, well…you know.

  23. 3- Dave Christi, well…you know.

    HA! This is my new marketing slogan!

    Thanks all for the votes… you too, mom.

  24. Connie Terwilliger

  25. My vote is for Connie Terwilliger!

  26. NBC can use a great female voice –

    Connie Terwilliger sounds GREAT!

  27. Well gang, a little over 24 hours left for voting and I can tell you this much…if you thought the Clinton-Obama primary race in NH was close, WAIT for the finish on this vote come Friday, January 11th at 5pm ET.

    144 votes cast so far…wow!

    There are ONLY 8 VOTES between the top two vote getters (and since you don’t know my scoring system you might be surprised as to whom they are; but I have a 3rd party referee so it’s all on the up and up).

    I can also tell you that there’s a race for third place as well.

    Thanks everyone for voting thus far and especially those of you stumping on your blogs for votes…that is hysterical! Good on you! Keep stumping…you’ve got 24+ whole hours left!

    The winners (first, second and third) will be announced via the voxmarketising podcast which I expect to have produced over the weekend and which will be posted right here.

    Stay tuned and thanks

    Best always,

  28. Was that a marriage proposal? My goodness. That might make up for not winning the mic. 😉

  29. My friend Dave Houston gets the nod.
    And three times, if I you’re counting three votes by each person.

  30. 1. Roger Tremaine

    2. Melissa Exelberth

    3. Thom Wilkins

  31. You sound great, Karen! Lots of amazing talent….

    1. Karen Lehman
    2. Melissa Exelberth
    3. Bobbi Owens

  32. 1. Karen Lehman

  33. 1) Dave Houston

    2) Cameron Thomas

    3) Colin Campbell

  34. Steve VanOort
    Roger Tremaine
    John Weeks

  35. Lots of great talent.
    My favorite.

    Doug Turkel

  36. 1. David Houston — nice color and depth
    2. Tom Ackerman
    3. DB Cooper

  37. Karen Lehman
    Brian Haymond
    Bobbi Owens

  38. 1 – Karen Lehman

    2 – Jack Friday

    3 – Craig Koepke

  39. Lynn:

    Congratulations, you are our last voter.

    The polls are now CLOSED.

    Thanks everyone!

    Best always,
    – Peter

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