wait, somebody reads this voice-over blog?

Peter K. O'Connell voice-over blog

It’s true that when you write a voice-over blog, you’re never fully sure who reads it.

It used to be that people used RSS alot. I don’t think they do as much any more. Now bloggers have to post their blog posts on Facebook and Twitter etc., for people to read them.

Some bloggers cross post SO much on social media that it looks and feels desperate— ‘read me, love me, validate me’. Ick!

I don’t want to be that person as I unconsciously embarrass myself enough. I don’t need to do it in such a planned, public way. So I post blogs in just a few places and forget it. In truth, I don’t really care how many people read the blog…shame on me.

terry daniel voice-over studio audioconnellBut I was reminded in a kind way this week that this blog DOES have at least one other reader besides me.

Terry Daniel was kind enough to mention me in a podcast/audio sermon this week. He said something nice about me.

I get a mention, he gets a blog post link. Simple as that.

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