we must always remember

<em>In Remembrance of 9.11_Chagrin Falls Intermediate School by Danielle</em>

In Remembrance of 9.11_Chagrin Falls Intermediate School by Danielle

You know where you were.

You know how you heard about it.

It defined your generation and it changed everything.

And then you died and the memory faded into another generation and some of the lessons were lost.

September 11, 2001

November 22, 1963

December 7, 1941

April 14, 1865

April 12, 1861

April 18, 1775

History is not about the constant recitation of dates. They are the prompts to a bigger picture, the larger story. The tale of how you were given the gifts of your country, your family, you.

Immerse yourself in your history, learn from your history, mourn for your history and celebrate your history.

Not just the dates, not just the places but the stories and the people who lived, fought and died for their beliefs.

You would, quite literally, be nothing without them. But today you are an American because of them.

God bless the United States of America and her citizens, past and present, on this day and everyday. Amen.

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